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Our fourth blog in the series is the first one based on one of the court cards. In the modern Tarot, there are 22 major arcana cards, and 56 suit cards. Of each suit there are four court cards, the Page, the Knight, the Queen, and the King, while the rest of the suits are numbered Ace to Ten. These court cards usually refer to actual people that we encounter in our lives. Whether they are family or teachers, people we see almost every day, or only through a chance encounter. Somehow they will have an affect on us, and influence our lives.


The Knight of Cups is usually a very creative person, able to create new worlds where before there was only emptiness. This creativity, however, cannot be idealized, and sometimes needs some grounding in reality to overcome the darkness and truly come to realization. This person is also generally gentle and charming, and can represent great news and excitement, the return of a prodigal son.


In this case I have written very personally about someone I know who is a great artist and musician, but who was held back by addiction and loss. This was an appeal to them to get through it all and come out the other side to some sort of new perspective. Since I have written this poem, this person has actually come to deal with their addiction, and is on the path to a new life. So the intent of the card has come to pass, which is a great thing.


This also reminds me of the current state of our new crypto frontier, where many great minds and ideas are flourishing, and being tested. Which ideas, or tokens, or applications will ride out the creative wave, and establish something from nothing? Which ones are too creative or ambitious to be adopted? Which ones will resonate with the masses and be carried successfully like the chalice of water through all of the tribulations, and have a place in the world? Only time will reveal this.


The Knight of Cups – December 17, 2018


Photo Credit:  The Ellis Deck

I have marvelled at your sweeping artistry
The keen green eye of perspective and execution
The chalice of your knowledge
Hoarded in a basement apartment
Revolving on a lonely compact disc
Or surreptitiously caressing my empty walls.


I have felt you channel intense devotion
The obsessive power of your fidelity
The sweeping colours of pains palette
And I wait for the dragons slaying
For the unspilled cup to be returned
For the fall that begins the staggered climb.


I know that you are receptive to the message
That you can transcend and overcome
That so much more lies on the other side
Do not delude in the decibels of escape
Do not artifice blood as magenta and crimson
Please see for me, Please be for me.

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