Mandala is an exchange platform which aims to be revolutionary among its competitors. Approaching he market with a refreshing and all-encompassing approach, they aim to provide the highest quality of service to both retail and institutional investors. They will simplify the trading process for new users and make use of an array of technical tools to assist users in making positive trades and having a good experience.

Project Outline and Objectives

Existing exchanges are often complex places with relatively poor user interfaces. This leads to a general feeling of inconvenience and confusion, especially prevalent among new users. These are issues which customers in an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars should not be facing. Mandala agrees and is approaching in a new wave of exchange platforms.

They will provide all the tools necessary to make trading simple and successful. This includes a quality UI, automated trading bots, technical indicators, and community based strategies in order to help traders both new and experienced make positive trades.

The platform will support trading of any digital asset, large scale financial integration to ensure the highest level of security and swift payment, simple KYC procedures, and multi-language support. These are a few of the features which the team hope will differentiate their platform.

The team are aiming to be totally complaint with US regulations so that investors can all participate in the offering.

The full release of the Mandala platform is scheduled for the end of 2018. At around the same time, the company will release their hardware wallet which can be integrated with the exchange for increased security.

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