Today I took a trip to the conservatory in St. Paul Minnesota. I needed a place to escape from the cold, and this is like going to the tropics without the expense of flying there! Outside today in St. Paul it was in the 30’s and inside the conservatory it varied from room to room. I would have to say it was anywhere from 65 degrees fahrenheit to 80 degrees fahrenheit. I first started in the fern garden room. I learned that tree ferns are ferns that can grow to tree like proportion and many species of tree ferns are endangered by over harvesting and habitat loss. The ferns are so beautiful all unique and lush green. I see species of ferns from Australia, Eastern Asia, Central and South America, China, Tropical America, and other warm and tropical places where ferns can survive. I also learned that ferns reproduce by spored and not by seeds and do not produce any flowers. I see hammock fern, bamboo fern, delta maidenhair fern, tasmanian tree fern, blue selaginella, korean rock fern, silver dollar maidenhair, and there are so many different species of ferns there are to many to list! this is just some.

I then walked into a room that was long and had beautiful flowers and shrubs alongside this channel. I will post pictures of this room. This room was so different from the fern room, but everything about it was spectacular. This room would be a great place to take wedding photos I would think. And the temperature in this room was a little warmer then the fern room.

I then walked into this room that had palms or palm trees. I thought I was in the jungle! some of these palms are like 30 feet tall or taller I’m guessing? and in this room there was coy ponds, statues or figures in or around the fountains. I found this room to be the most relaxing to go to and sit. And this was the biggest room. This room also alongside the palms had spices from all over the tropical regions of the world. I also see a banana plant inside this room producing baby banana’s. I learned that palms provide food, oils, timber, rope, medicine, and wax.

 I will post pictures of my trip to the MARJORIE McNEELY CONSERVATORY. 

I hope you enjoyed my short blog…

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