As some recent articles here on Trybe indicate, the market share for the gambling industry on the blockchain is pretty much destined to be huge. If you think a little bit about it’s so obvious and also at the same time for some people a kind of business field that they rather avoid and quickly forget about it. The gambling industry has always a huge share of the whole worlds economic market share. @panamaworldwide did a nice job in his post putting out the hard facts. I was really astonished by this amount of betting that is already going on with BTC on a regular basis! (like last year about 3 BTC per minute) Also, if you think about how very few offers are currently existing for gambling on the blockchain it’s even more surprising.

In the past I was using a lot of different gambling platforms in order to play poker online over the time and can understand what @phanpp talks about in his post about the difficulties for online gambling platforms before the blockchain. Depending on the “business quality” of the current (non blockchain) online gambling platform there are often problems concerning withdraws, verification and similar things. There are exceptions but it’s often very easy to deposit on most of these sites and on the flip side to withdraw your money isn’t always easy and fast at all. With the blockchain there’s for example the great power of anonymity or rather pseudonymity and this could solve some issues relating to that. Giving it may be a whole new boost to the online gambling markets.

In the end it doesn’t really take too much to build a successful casino app on the blockchain in theory: People need to be able to use it easily – at best on their smartphones – and they have to able to easily transfer fiat money in and out.

As it now turns out this industry is too important to ignore. Because things are just starting in the crypto gambling world it’s worth demanding a little time today for possible participation of big profits in the future in these markets.

Thanks to everyone I mentioned In this post (and everyone I forgot .. 😉 ) for giving me the hints to all these different projects and for giving their thoughts about them. This is not a complete list of all current crypto gambling projects that are worth mentioning right now. But it gives a good short overview of what is out there and what’s the benefit for you:

Get at least 0.0005 and win up to 50 EOS every hour at BetDice

@deecee wrote a great article about BetDice. I think the coolest thing about BetDice is the “Lucky Draw”. You can win up to 50(!) EOS there for free every hour. You just need to hit the button and see how lucky you are for a chance of 1 : 10.000. Which means you need to be reaaally lucky – but it’s possible and not “lotto like” regions of odds.! Of course most of the time you will get only 0.0005 EOS. But even this someday sums up and it always gives you more – not like casino games gambling, where it always can and will go down in the long run! Also if EOS will gain some considerable amount of value then this will maybe much more worth some day .. 🙂

Get your EOS dividends every 24h at EOS Win

@panamaworldwide ‘s article gives you a good sump of what this site is up to. It’s one of the best casino sites out there currently which pays dividends every day in EOS. So you can just log in every day and get free valuable EOS coins! The payout depends on how much is in the pool and how much LUCKY coins you have.

So it’s may be worth gambling a little bit to get more LUCKY coins (or buying some LUCKY coins) right now for more future value. This should not be an advise for you to gamble! But your payout depends on the amount of LUCKY coins you have… So if you want to get more dividend payout you have to either buy LUCKY coins somewhere or play with EOS to get them.

But also to mention: Through some Videos on Youtube I saw that the payouts were much higher like a month ago. So don’t rely on the amount of payouts to be like that forever. I think the amount of future payouts is much likely to be either get more valuable or decrease but probably won’t be where it’s at today.

Get 10.000 se7ens coins for free

As @deecee pointed out very good in his article this site seems more unprofessional compared to his competitors at some points. However they are just getting started and currently still offer 10 K of their coins. If you already haven’t it doesn’t hurt to get them for free! The product is not ready to be used and can’t be played so far.

Play on one of the first decentralized poker rooms at CoinPoker

Through an article from @voiceoff I got to know of this project. As pointed out in the article the poker industry has some huge potential on the blockchain. Therefore, it’s interesting seeing one of the first blockchain poker rooms arise and growing.

One of the first possibilities for sports betting on the blockchain at EOSBets

What’s gambling without betting? Here’s the first possibility to do sport bets with EOS! But it’s still in BETA, so don’t have the highest expectations. Nevertheless an interesting project worth to watch out it’s development in the near future.

If you need a little bit of clearance about the different winning chances in Poker, Betting & Casino Games in general you can read my article here: Crytpo Gambling Introduction for Casino Reward Dividends + Differences in Expected Value at Poker, Betting and Casino Games

Have fun with all these sites and please never bet more than you can afford!

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