Lately I have been trying to learn more about this new trend on crypto. Just like last year ICO and earlier this year AirDrops, Masternode coins have grown exponentially. Masternodes coins are coins that have well duh, maternodes. Masternodes are nodes that hold special number of stake on the network.

This guaranteed that the network hold investors money and rewards them with a shared inflation interest for holding. These rewards vary all the time, and this is what caused an industry to be born.

Masternodes coins compete between them to offer the best reward and incentive and to performance between each other. There are masternodes coins for as much variety of businesses, industries and causes as you can imagine. From a Dogecoin 2.0 and pet’s wellliving to Risk management and insurance, SafeInsure and communication Loki. But the list goes on and on.

There is even a Masternode network for building infrastructure to manage other coins masternodes (Gincoin).

However the rate these coins are growing is incredible. One thing that I want to understand is how many of them will actually go about their communities and achieve their goals. As a long time DASH member, I see there is opportunities for everyone to come in, perform a job and get paid from the blockchain.

So regardless if your mastercoin will survive next Christmass I hink is a good shot at getting some jobs and cashing in on the work. From translation, programming, design and others, I think Mastercoins will employ a lot of people on the short term. So I am happy to see this, unfortuantely of course, not all Masternodes have a Governance DAO. So I think there should be a secondary research to see if the coin offer a DAO and their average monthly treasury budget.

Another thing that I like about the Governance DAO is that well, it settles the automated part as opposed to let say the Bitshares model which workers are very scrutinized and sometimes the work is limited by the Wittnesses. This is very aparent on the DNA of the coin, which even EOS handles and to be honest, it struggle with the distribution of their budget. (Read any articles on the WPS referendum).

Bitshares was never good on spreading their reserve and my feeling is that EOS will inherit that inhability to do. Governance DAOs are just more democratic.

But let me know what you think about Mastercoins in general and how better of an investment is to generate passive income as opposed to actively trading it or just holding it on some Smart Contract for the future.

For more information about Mastercoins, I would like to foreward you to a news site dedicated to Mastercoins.

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  1. tombradyqb12

    Entered Masternode space in early 2017 back when there were less than 15. Exploded mid to late 2017, now there are over 500 Masternode coins. Lot’s of exit scams and failed projects, make sure to do your research on the team, roadmap, white paper, and community. I’m currently running 40 Masternodes with 5 different projects.

  2. Jungle Onion

    Only few masternode coins will prove to be viable, stable and offer any utility in the long term. Most projects, unfortunately are only seeking to make profits from uneducated or greedy investors. The combination of those two is what most scammers are after.