I have been chipping away at a toon style world/level-building system akin to that of Minecraft over the last few weeks. The aim of this project is to have a modular, lightweight, easy to use set of world building blocks that use no painted textures but colour ramps instead, making it easy to switch out colours and customise/make variants. Here is an example:

This is just a simple dirt block. As you can see, the UV’s are roughly unwrapped and then positioned on the colour ramp texture to colour the models.

It’s easy to arrange and stack the blocks to quickly get a few level elements slapped together. I made two variants and a few grass deco objects to go with my first block. That all worked out quite well but the question arose… will this method for building models work for other types of blocks without the poly count going completely out of proportion? Well, there is one way to find out. Try it on a few different types of blocks! I made a rock block next with a few deco objects.

I think that turned out alright. What about some spike traps?

These can be blocks on their own or the spikes can be attached to other existing blocks like seen above. What follows are a few more tests…

At this stage, I was pretty confident that it would be possible to create a comprehensive set of level building blocks using this method of modelling and texturing. What is left to do now is to create a few more terrain types and building an actual environment with them to test the system on a larger scale.  Some lava blocks for caves, snow & ice blocks for mountain peaks and water and cloud blocks for a beach would be nice. I’ll be sure to post an update when I manage to put it all together in an environment. In the meantime, if you are interested in using these blocks for a game project, you can find them for download on my website.

Thanks for stopping by!


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