I thought I wanted to share my experience with EOS so far – as it has been two months since main net launch. If you are under the wrong impression that the EOS launch was boring and non-eventful, please read on!

Now, I want to make sure you know where I am coming from. I came into crypto currency in 2016 through the ETF’s we have here in Scandinavia. As I learned more about what Bitcoin and later on crypto currency, Blockchains and Smart Contracts were, I realised I had to hold my own private keys. Now, this took me on a long ride through everything from Electrum, the forks of summer 2017, MyEtherWallet(MEW), Ledger Nano S, USB sticks that can tolerate heat up to 1000 degrees and nuclear war, a new apple machine dedicated to crypto stuff, and basically everything you yourself has been through as well. I found Steem and Steemit, also created by Dan Larimer, I created accounts, delegated my stake, I bought steemmonsters, I had spread sheet after spread sheet with passwords and accounts and protonmails and this is basically my life now. I’m a layman. I had ZERO knowledge about computers, security or cryptocurrency when I started out.

“I was just peeking out of the space shuttle, slipped and now I am floating through this crazy space called crypto.”

For some reason I bought EOS very early on. I don’t remember why to be honest. It happened in my altcoin frenzy late summer 2017. After registering it on MEW, it felt like yup, it’s out of my control now. Then we waited and finally we could use our keys. Except, there was nowhere to use the keys. There was not even a wallet. Threads were made on reddit about how EOS was a scam. Not even a wallet! Oh my god.

Scatter, EOStoolkit and RAM

Well, I don’t remember exactly how long it took, but a few days later Scatter and EOStookit came along. I did the usual three minute read up, went through some reddit posts and concluded that Scatter was safe. I just put my owners key right in there. I knew it was somewhat risky, but at this point I started realising that this was something else.

A few glasses of wine later I was bidding on account names as well as creating 12 letter accounts. I had a feeling I was not the only one doing that that night. I think the search term; “12 letter words” on google trends peaked that night.

The account creation concept was a big deal at this point. I was familiar with it from Steem of course, and I like it. Now I realise that RAM is a thing. The accounts cost RAM. And RAM is an important resource on the EOS network. As more Dapps is being created the more RAM is needed to be stored for a long time – so the price goes up.

Hello feexplorer, Marketstack’d And RAM Trading

Wife, I’m trading RAM! Look at this! That was me a few days later when I jumped on the RAM-bandwagon. I was following the Telegram discussions while speculating wildly on RAM. I almost doubled my EOS. Then rumour came out that Dan Larimer proposed to increase RAM, and then RAM fell. I lost a little bit and then RAM trading died. I had 70% more tokens than before. Soon there will also be a REX (resource exchange) where you can rent out CPU and Bandwidth. More fun stuff. We have all ready more than 40 airdrops as well as airgrabs.

Wallets And Security

Once again EOS was under heavy attack from the congested ETH-fanboys on Reddit. One should believe they would focus on ETC catching up to them, but no. Now it was time to calm down. I found Simpleos and EOS-voter by Greymass. Both great wallets, but my personal favorite is EOS-voter. I also realised that you can have a Owners private key and a Owners Active key, a lot like on Steem with the posting, active and owners keys. So I had to use Scatter and countless minutes on Telegram with patient developers on how to create a active key for my genesis account that didn’t have one. The idea here is that you always log in with your active key – and if it is compromised you can change it with your owners key. The owners key is like the last defence. If you have your EOS staked, it takes three days to unstake. So put an alarm on your wallet, if someone unstake it, you go in and change the active key which has been compromised.


I love games, and I have a feeling that Blockchain and gaming is a pair made in heaven. It’s perfect, and I think it will change gaming forever. Games like cryptokitties, Wizards etc are merely the start. But it’s fun enough when you can claim your own free Wizard and dress it up. I spent a little bit too much on it, but after actually selling one for more than twice the amount that I paid – I am kind of excited. But we will see. As a veteran in this space I have learned to lower my expectations a little bit.

Dapps And The Way Forward

A few days ago I discovered Trybe, and today I decided to make my first post there. It’s a social media blogging site and it feels a little bit like Medium but with more focus on the social aspect perhaps. Yes, you earn tokens – and it seems to be a community there all ready as well as high quality content! So they won’t let anything through. Readers then vote for articles that they enjoy, and you are awarded. A concept that we are familiar with from Steemit.

So let’s try this out as well. It looks great so far, and it seems to be incentivising high quality content. The editor is great, everything works well. I am really positive to see this so early! And who knows what the future will bring? All I know is that we are two months into the Mainnet, and I have learned a lot. The learning curve is steep. There is no one holding your hand, but I have received many a helping hand. People are in general helpful and nice in this space. There is a sense of community and we-are-in-this-togetherness going on. Not in a hippie kind of way, even though a lot of misguided “anarchists” has stumbled into this space – but in a let’s learn and be better and take this ride together kind of thing.

The Dapps are being developed, the transactions are instant, the utility is growing. Of course it will take some time to adjust and fix unexpected things. But EOS is definitely the coolest kid in town.

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  1. magpie

    The love for EOS is strong with this one! Great post – I’m also a recent Steem migrant. Excited to see what Trybe can offer, as Steemit has so many issues it needs to work through.

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Welcome! Steem is fine..I like it – although I don’t think there is much great things being done there compared to EOS. EOS has been live a few months and all ready the innovation is great. Steem not happening so much. And Steemit is a great blogging platform – however, even if I keep sharing content there, I don’t earn anything at all anymore, and I know that most likely I never will. That window is most likely closed. Trybe has the opportunity to learn from mistakes done by others, and I never pledged any allegiance to Steemit that I would never get in bed with other platforms. πŸ˜€ Honestly I would onboard Trybe even if Steemit was a place with opportunity to earn. Each platform serves different purposes, and as someone who has invested quite a bit in Steem I honestly cheer them on as well, even though I am a critic. It’s always fun to onboard new projects, and I’m sure there are many undercover Steemians here πŸ˜€

  2. John Kramer

    Great post. I got in to crypto in December 2017 and it’s been a wild ride ever since. At some point I realised after using Steem that EOS was going to be the one. What a great project and now Trybe as well.

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Cool. I’m not sure if I should say welcome to the cryptosphere, or to treat you like an old timer. Almost a year in crypto is like 5 years in the real world. You missed the boat a little bit with SteemIT. I do think Steem is a good blockchain in many ways. But I’m not sure if blogging will be the way forward with the Steem blockchain. We will see when or if (they ever) get their act together and launch their SMT’s (Steem media tokens – smart contracts) Unfortunately they announced it for Q1 2019 which I guess was way too early for the market to react positively to. We’ll see. In the meantime EOS is more fun and exciting right now IMO.

  3. globalgreg

    Great read! Enjoyed this post and I share a lot of your experience thus far. LOL. I can’t remember how I got EOS exactly either – I buoght it in Exodus one day as I saw it offered, I guess. maybe one of my Network contacts may have mentioned it in passing at theginning of the year. So glad I did, it has been a very captivating and learning ride! I’m all in for EOS now. No going back πŸ™‚

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Yeah! It’s all about EOS now IMO. Sure, they have some issued to sort out, but I sold some other protocol coins in this bear market to buy more EOS. Why? Because it’s all about EOS. I’m not downloading Scatter or wizards, or writing on Trybe or getting airdrops and trading ram and reading Telegram chats about Cardano or Aion am I? No..it’s a lot about EOS right now. EOS is so hot right now πŸ™‚

  4. Littleboy

    EOS is not a better network than Eth. It is an entirely different system than eth. I think it is dumb to compare the two as competitors. Just because they are dapp platforms doesn’t make them competitors. Eth contracts are coded with solidity and EOS is coded with c++. EOS prioritizes speed whereas ETH prioritizes decentralization.

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      well, they can prioritise their decentralisation all they want with their congested network that no one uses. EOS is decentralised enough. And just because you code with different languages doesnt make the protocols COMPLETELY different. It makes them a little bit different. The main purpose of the protocols remains the same – to build decentralized applications on top of them and run smart contracts. And EOS is superior to ETH.

  5. Zeus69

    Great post, well written and very inspiring, especially to newb like myself, I’ve been paranoid after my first purchase of ETH back in September, when it flw to +-$1400, and then fall so dramatically, I then bought EOS but using binance, okay been up and down and through some major gains and losses, and then the mainnet swap, well I am a hodlr now and have just purchased some more, I have the confidence that everyone should have in such a fanatstic team behind EOS and the mainnet. I have also consumed quite a bit of alcohol during this period, one for celebration and another for depresssion, LOL
    Thanks for the post.
    Great stuff!!

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      A glass or two of red wine is our friend πŸ™‚ But so is jogging and healthy food! Stay balanced!

      Thank you for that personal comment. A lot of people noticed and learned about crypto and blockchain and not last protocols like ethereum or EOS. And a lot of those people are DOWN in their investment. But fear not. Even us old timers have felt like you feel now..hell, it gets me a little depressed each time the bear market happens, but each time you are longer and longer away from your initial investment. Just don’t trade yourself to a loss and do stupid mistakes because you are bored of prices not moving (other than down) You will get your bull run eventually πŸ˜€ And I believe you are a holder of one of the crypto currencies/protocols with the most potential.

  6. Yanika

    Hi @eosmastering!

    I got to know about this platform from a whale in steemit just few days ago. It was late night, was going to fall asleep, when did my habitual last check up of steemit using through partiko.android and came across an article about a new EOS based social network. I got curious right away, and as I hate to put off some tasks for later, got registered here right away.
    I even didn’t have an EOS account, learnt how to get it and now I am really satisfied and happy to be an early adopter here.
    I see a huge potential in the platform, and would like to contribute as much as possible for the growth of the community.

    Reading your great article, I am like going through my life experience with the blockchain. Thank you for your article. I was left impressed by it.

    Good luck here!

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Cool. Steemians are looking for other platforms to earn. That’s just a fact of life. People didn’t come to crypto because its decentralised (primarily), they come because it’s a way to earn money. And if you cant earn money on Steemit anymore, then you start looking for some other blogging platform. Same with Ethereum..if no dapps are being built and everything is just promises and the network is hopelessly slow and congested..well..hello EOS.

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      I’m still learning to master EOS πŸ™‚ But this whole thing is like mastering computers or Internet in the early days. Those who learned about it early benefitted immensely. You are more crypto savvy than 99% of the world population, so just keep exploring and learning. Thank you for that nice comment! πŸ™‚