Friends, Hello and good mood! Almost a month I did not update my blog and did not talk about new products. It’s time to rectify the situation. Welcome! Bec wallet flagship blockchain wallet from Meitu

As the creators of the product say about their brainchild Bec Wallet

My Smart Digital Asset Manager

Let’s get acquainted with this interesting application closer

What do the creators of the wallet promise us and how it is implemented in practice

Asset Management
– Support multiple types of wallet and provide easy access
– Manage multiple wallets; view all assets at a glance
– Support the management of BTC/ETH/EOS
– One-click adding, real-time transaction tracking

In this section, the creators have fully fulfilled their promises, wallets on all three blockchains work properly!

I want to note that ETH wallet pleased with the opportunity to add any tokens. I’ve had problems with this in other apps, but Bec wallet is beyond praise here!

However, there is no such opportunity in the wallet for the EOS blockchain. Only EOS is available and tokens cannot be added.

Safe and Convenient
– Create wallet in one step
– Multiple ways to import into wallet
– Mnemonic/Private Key/Keystore
– backup to prevent loss of access

Importing wallets is really simple and convenient. You can also set several levels of security.

Market Watch
– Market quotations from global exchanges
– Cover all major coins
– Price notification to catch investment opportunity

in the MARKET section you can find quotes from major exchanges (Binance, Huobi, Bitfinex), it is convenient and practical. Also you can see your total balance summed up from all imported wallets (information is presented on the main page of the wallet tab)

Just want to note a number of convenient and useful features available in Bec Wallet

– notification of transactions (blockchain EOS this applies only to EOS)

– Having a TaskCenter (performing simple tasks such as logging in daily, maintaining balance, or conducting transactions can earn you BEC tokens)

The platform has an internal token BEC (total emission of 7 billion total circulation 3.5 billion). At the time of writing, the price of the coin 0.06 USD to trade the token can be on the exchange OKEx

That’s how the creators themselves talk about their project and why the BEC token is needed.

Mission Beauty Chain to create a truly decentralized ecosystem on the theme of Beauty, which brings together the platform’s apps, users, content providers, retailers, advertisers and manufacturers of the beauty industry, transforming it through the adoption of the blockchain. Beauty chain will initially focus on the ecosystem and beautification of the contents, and gradually manage extensive

There are still a number of opportunities to get rewarded for using the platform. Several times a day you can open the chest with the reward and once a day to scroll the wheel of luck. Prizes will be instantly credited to your internal account.

You can also get a reward by inviting friends (you can invite 500 people) and get bonus BEC tokens as soon as your friend registers and creates (or imports a wallet).

You can join the program via my affiliate link

Meitu’s product made a good impression on me. I do not give investment advice, let everyone decide for themselves whether to use this product. BEC Wallet seemed to me a convenient tool and I now use it with several wallets, where the coins come from Airdrop and where I have small amounts for operational trading.

I wish you all good luck, love and patience!

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    1. Ilia Post author

      Yes, the EOS token access feature is not enough. I am sure that if the developers of the wallet add more features to the EOS wallet, the number of users will increase significantly. Thanks for the comment @Cornel