Do you have any MEET.ONE ERC20 tokens from the EOS airdrop that occurred?

If so, you need to swap them before the end of September otherwise your ERC-20 MEET.ONE tokens will be burnt. All MEET.ONE tokens need to be migrated to the EOS network and this can only be done by sending them to a contract address over the ETH network so they can be manually swapped.

The only way I have found to do this is through the MEET.ONE App which can be downloaded here: Google Play: (URL:

Once the app is open, you choose the Discovery button and then hit the Migrate button.

You’ll then need your EOS username and ETH address where the MEET.ONE tokens are held.

I then had to use MyEtherWallet to transfer the MEET.ONE ERC-20 tokens to the MEET.ONE address. It does cost a few cents of ETH to send them. Then you wait and your new EOS based MEET.ONE tokens are issued to you.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Conceptskip

    Good explanation, oen thing id like to add, you need the ETH transaction to go through within 2 hours, otherwise you wont receive the token. If there is one or another cryptokitty sold, and as a consequence the chain is clogged again, you would need a considerable amount of gas.
    I ran into that issue, but the support was very helpful and forwarded my my tokens manually.

  2. plomen

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