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  • Meet “TRXBlack”: A fast and reliable autonomous TRON smart contract gaming platform

The Rise of TRON Dapps

Decentralized applications or Dapps are taking over in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Both TRON and Etherium have done a lot to build a sustainable platform where these kinds of programs can both survive and fluorish, and records have shown and proved the drastic rise in the release of TRON Dapps into the ecosystem. Knowing fully well that Dapps will easily have a major role to play in the future of decentralization, a dedicated and brilliant team of persons decided to come up with a fast, reliable, secured and autonomous platform called “TRXBlack”.

What is TRXBlack

TRXBlack is a TRON smart contract gaming platform which is autonomous in nature and basically driven by the participation of the community. TRXBlack is also a collection of Dapps built on top of the TRON blockchain, which driven by Smart Contract. TRXBlack also has an Exchange contract which is fed, alongside the holders of BLACK token by all the Smart Contract games built on top of the TRXBlack platform. One of the most interesting things about TRXBlack is that the allocation of all fees go back into the TRXBlack platform and out to the holders of BLACK token. What this implies is that investors of BLACK token getting the highest possible return on their investment is guaranteed since no fees go to development. TRXBlack has been listed on dappradar.

How does it work

TRXBlack Exchange: This is an Exchange where your TRON is exchanged for BLACK tokens. There is a buy and sell fees of 15% and 20% respectively. Just as I said earlier, the buy and sell fees are distributed out to the holders of BLACK token masternode. For you to enable your masternode and receive the dividends of exchange as a BLACK token holder, it is basically required that you hold a minimum of 100 BLACK tokens. Dividends are also received by the holders of BLACK token from all Smart Contract Games of TRXBlack.

TRXBlack ROI: This is a smart contract ROI game that returns a daily profit of 2% per day as long as there is TRX in the contract to be returned. An allocation of 5% is given to the BLACK TOKEN BUY WALLET everytime someone buys into the contract. This then act as a catalyst that activates random buy orders in the TRXBlack exchange which distributes both the buy and sell fees to the holders of BLACK token. All BLACK tokens that are acquired or obtained by the BUY WALLET will be burned and would never go back into circulation.

TRXBlack Drop: This is a BLACK DROP Smart contract lottery flip game where users of TRXBlack go into fight of gaining possesion of the BLACK DROP. The funds in the contract will be randomly released at a time between 0 – 36 hours to its owner.

Why TRXBlack?

Fast and Reliable Transaction: The rate of transaction of TRXBlack is very fast, and this is mainly due to their uninterrupted integration with the TRON blockchain. Another interesting fact is that their smart contract can never fold up as long as the TRON blockchain is in existence.

Optimum Security on Platform: Security has been one of the major problems that blockchain and cryptocurrency is facing. However, appropriate measure has been taken by the team towards ensuring the running of a secured platform since users safety is extremely important. On TRXBlack, there is transparency and visibility of all transactions on the TRON blockchain by means of TRONSCAN. Their platform is SSL secured.

Future Development and Growth: The ever determined and brilliant team of TRXBlack is dedicated to serve their users with completely transparent, safe, and fun smart contract games. The team is focused towards bringing about development and expansion. They also have it in plan to continue with the development of many smart contract dapps that will bring in even more profits to their users including both the token holders and exchanges.

It is User-Friendly: The Dapp of TRXBlack can be easily operated. This is because it is designed to be sleek and has an uninterrupted integration with TRON blockchian both on Desktop or Mobile. All that is required of a user is to download a browser wallet on their phones or computer. I will recommend the “Math Wallet”, which can either be downloaded on google play store for android users or apple store for iphone users.

Earn TRX when you Build your Masternode

When your masternode link is used by another user to buy BLACK token, you as the owner of that masternode link will earn 25% of the overall 15% buy fee of that user. Note that there is a basic reqiirement of you holding a minimum of 100 BLACK tokens at all times to be able to activate all the features attached to a masternode. I already bought 1000 TRON worth of BLACK tokens.

Kindly make use of my masternode to carry out your transactions on TRXBlack

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