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  • My top 16 candidates for EOS Block Producer

    This is a breakdown of my top BP candidates and why they are on my list. This list is subject of change, but as of today this is how I am going to throw my votes. What I look for…

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    • Great post thanks Bjork 🙂

    • Wow! Very nice and comprehensive list. I was doing my own research to determine which top 21 to vote for and this makes it easier for me to make a decision, thank you for taking the time to knock it out. I am looking forward to voting. I notices EOS Canada wasn’t on your list. I’ve been watching their updates and Alex is doing a pretty good job giving us updates on the specs and tech issues the launch is encountering. Some of my fav’s are in your list as well…New York, Rio, HK, Dac, Tribe, and few others as well.

    • Nice! I’m also doing my own research one by one and so I can see how much work this must have taken! Now I can see a few in your list that I have vetted too, so Thanks for your list, man. I also voted (so far as I update each research completion): EOS Tribe, shEOS, EOS Gravity, LibertyBlock. This list makes it easier to decide. Thanks!

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