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Hi, my name is Fred Blauer. I have a background in accounting, and I am a Canadian CPA. I started specialising early-on in financial technology, and got involved implementing accounting/erp systems and auditing information system controls and security. I have a special interest in the opensource approach and have worked with a number of opensource solutions and projects. Lately, I have been implementing a solution called Erpnext with some partners with pretty good results. I became very interested in blockchain technology, and started exploring some of the projects, which I found very interesting. I really like the philosophy and culture behind this space, and feel that it will have a tremendous impact on the economy and the world. I started playing around with some crypto currency investing as a learning experience, and I have learned a lot. I really like the idea of sharing and collaborating on a social network like trybe, which fits well with my values and interests. I look forward to interacting with this impressive. community.


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