Today we have an interesting review, dear readers. For the first time I publish information about the project, which does not have any rewarding system for users activity. It looks a bit strange, right? Why then do we need this review? I will explain, but a little later.

Today we talk about the social network MeWe. You probably noticed, I did not write the word “crypto”. On the other hand, we will talk about a social network that positions itself as innovative and very advanced in a technological aspect. Moreover, this project has already received several awards, although it exists only a few years.

But most importantly, the social network MeWe is positioning itself as the main competitor and opponent of Facebook. At the same time, the main focus of the creators and developers of MeWe is on the protection of private information, that is, on the fact that it is a weak link in Facebook.

I can not say anything bad. This project is really interesting and promising. It has several specific features that are useful to users and even it has a model for business called MeWePro.

That is why I am writing about this website. I would be sorry if it closes. And it will close – 100%. Like Facebook. Believe my nearly 20 years of experience in networkng. The fact is that at the moment it has no user reward system and its own cryptocurrency. Nowadays it’s a serious gap.

In this case, how is it different, in fact, from Facebook, which is now investing huge amounts of money in the “protection and security of user information”, but still doesn’t make even ONE STEP towards rewarding users for their activity?

In other words, in this regard, Mark Weinstein (the creator of the project) is no different from Mark Zuckerberg. The only difference is that Mark Zuckerberg has already made his billions at the expense of users.

This is such a strange and somewhat sad review we have today, friends. At the moment you can find in the full list of crypto social networks on, but if we don’t find any good news in the near future, I’ll either have to transfer this project to the “potential list” or remove it from our lists. altogether. And I really don’t want to do anything without telling you. That is why I wrote such a review today.

Boris Siomin,

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  1. B-S

    As for, I can’t understand why you classify it as a crypto social network. I see a point that can categorize the project in this direction. Maybe this is due to the fact that the basis on which you rate “Crypto-Social-Networks” is relatively to completely pointless. ( In my opinion, especially on your website, a lot of content is misleading, meaningless and insubstantial. Too bad actually.

    Unfortunately, I do not see any USP or other added value in the project. However, I have looked around on your homepage and some things seem unclear to me. For example this list: (from here:

    “Forks crypto social networks”

    In the end, the whole statement is completely false. Apart from some projects unknown to me, I only recognize as a fork from

    A fork is something where a complete blockchain is copied. | Steepshot | Airclinic | Busy | Dclick | Dlike | D.Tube and so on… Not forks from the Steem Blockchain, but based on this D-Apps. This is quite a disinformation, I think.

    Another real fork, by the way, in my opinion completely irrelevant, would be


    P.S. If I really want to add value, I should also write articles that contain more than 200 words. Best regards.