.It is very nice to know that Microsoft believes in the Blockchain project so much that it has released a development kit on its Azure cloud platform designed for the integration of blockchain technology with Microsoft’s and third-party SaaS offerings.

“This kit extends the capabilities of our developer templates and Azure Blockchain Workbench, which incorporates Azure services for key management, identity and off-chain data, monitoring and messaging APIs into a reference architecture that can be used to quickly create blockchain-based applications, “said Marc Mercuri, Principal Program Manager of Microsoft’s blockchain team, in a post.

Microsoft says the SDK will allow companies to quickly develop blockchain-based applications, from months to days. Users will be able to integrate blockchain workflows with existing systems and applications using Microsoft Flow and Logic apps, extend functionality with a REST-based API for client development, and a message-based API for system-to-system integration.

Currently the blockchain development kit focuses on three functionalities: the creation of connection interfaces for objects such as mobile clients, IoT, SMS and voice systems; the integration of data, software and media that are “off-the-shelf”, such as Office documents, videos and CAD files; the implementation of smart contracts and blockchain corporate networks.

In the last year, Microsoft has explored how to use blockchain and other distributed log-based technologies to create new types of digital identities to improve privacy, security, and control of personal data. Earlier this year, in particular, the company announced it was working on a blockchain-based digital identity platform to allow users to control access to sensitive online information via an encrypted data hub.

“End-to-end blockchain solutions require integration with data, software and media that live outside the blockchain,” Mercuri said. “Updates and external events can trigger actions on smart contracts. State changes can then trigger actions and data updates on systems and data ‘off-line’. These external systems and artificial intelligence will also need to be able to query data from smart contracts to inform the action. ”

Amazon, Google and IBM have already launched their SDKs for authorized business blockchains. Also Linux Foundation has released modular frameworks for the creation, distribution and execution of business blockchains within its open source project Hyperledger.“The Azure blockchain development kit represents a step forward in our journey to make the development of end-to-end blockchain applications accessible, fast and cheap for anyone with an idea to develop,” said Mercuri. “The resulting applications will run on a network with higher cloud performance than other large-scale providers and enable federated identities between participants through Azure Active Directory”

In addition, Azure supports an increasing number of distributed technologies and registries that address specific activities or technical requirements for security, performance, and operational processes. Microsoft’s in-house intelligence services, such as the Cortana Intelligence Suite, offer data management and analysis capabilities that, combined with the Redmond-based BAAS (Blockchain as a Service) offer, enable organizations to experience new business processes and new forms of business collaborationIn my opinion Microsoft is constantly developing and trying to keep pace with technological innovation thanks to its initiative many walls will be demolished to open new roads that will surely help in the world of commerce and more ..

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