Our life is complicated. All the daily tasks, the family and your friends, the job or maybe the business you are running are probably your priorities. Even your dog is asking for your love and attention. Do you have enough time to keep it up with the crypto universe?

If you are already working full time in crypto you may think that the problem with crypto zone watching time is solved. You have your 8-10 office time then, you can go home after work and do anything you want to do. No way! The crypto zone is 24/7 active and will hunt your attention all the time. In this case, only your passion for crypto can give you the power to resist in the space.

If you own crypto, you are watching the price closely. What is BTC doing? Any news? Why is ETH crashing? Will XRP break this trend? Why? What is with all the hype around this new coin? How is this blockchain working? Look! A new platform is here, let me see how this looks. A great team is announcing a new project. Let me check it! My favorite YouTuber has a new crypto related video…..the crypto world is so big that you can not keep up with it because you are alone and your time is limited. What to do?

You must choose! Choose the information source, choose the dedicated crypto friends, choose the projects you like and make your crypto space more manageable. Decide what means for you long term and allocate limited daily or weekly time for learning and discovery. Do not jump from coin to coin, from a project to another project, try to decide what are your interests and what is not for you.

This way you will not lose track of your favorite projects and you will better understand what is going on in the crypto universe which is expanding proportionally.

Crypto MUST be your hobby!  This will solve all the crypto time management problems.

Good luck.

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  1. analog mc

    Many of us feel like this, facing the “tsunami of inovation on the blockchain! XRP seems also very inovativ,,, what a pity, the token is extremly centralised
    Thank you for your advice about time management!