I was out walking around lake phalen the other day, most people reading this probably won’t know that lake phalen is a lake in Minnesota. The lake is located in Saint Paul Minnesota. The day was just amazing crisp fall day, and ice is just starting to form on part of the lake. I think soon probably in the next 30 day’s the lake will be frozen over. I took some pictures while I was out there, of the lake. I wanted to share with everyone. I also wanted to share pictures of the friendship garden and Pavilion.

I also happen to walk up to a friendship garden that was recently constructed. I read that this is a sister-city project by the Minnesota China friendship garden society. The two city’s are Changsha, in Hunan Province China and Saint Paul a city in the state of Minnesota in the United States. The Pavilion this building is called was and exchange of a cultural gift. I spoke to some of the volunteers and people working on the project and they said alot of the materials that went into building this Pavilion where imported from China. The name of the special place inside the friendship garden is Xiang Jiang Pavilion, it’s a replica of Changsha’s Aiwan Pavilion, one of four famous pavilions in China, dating back to the 18th century. The was Pavilion was constructed in Changsha, and then brought to United States disassembled and transferred to St. Paul in 5 large shipping containers, and then it was reassembled at Phalen Park by American craftsmen with the guidance of 13 Changsha artisans.

The wall behind the pavilion was constructed by the Hmong people, and was carved in a pink granite, the symbols on the wall are both Minnesota Hmong culture and the Hunan Hmong culture in China. The Hmong people’s ancestors came from Hunan Province, in China where millions of Hmong people live today. Minnesota also has a large Hmong population in St. Paul.

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