In nowadays, the majority of the Websites that we’re signing up on are capturing our details, especially our emails, so that the owners of those Websites can later send us notifications regarding their marketing promotions.

Up until now, unfortunately, we accepted that our attention doesn’t cost anything, so we were giving it away as a gift to the corporations so they can exploit it in their own interest.

Up to this date, the majority of us are still very far away from being awake and aware that they can and deserve to be in our economy (especially in the new emerging one) more than just simple insignificant consumers; or even if they choose to be consumers only, at least they should possess the knowledge to monetize their consumerism’s habits.

All throughout the history, we had many reminders about this fact, but they were always very vague and never there was a pragmatic or transparent initiative to implement this in practice on a large scale; well usually the Elite pretty much always makes all possible to block this kind of information from syncing in public’s minds and hearts in order to continue keeping them enslaved.

But enough is enough and the time has come! BlockChain is the phenomena that showed to the humanity for the first time in a crystalline and unambiguous manner what is this all about, and also has architected already real, functionable and decentralized mechanisms which offer the practical aspect of it, not the theoretical only.

In this article I want to bring to your attention an example of this kind of mechanisms, which even if is still in infancy stage — has, in my view, a very solid future since it focuses rather on results than on speculations.

It’s called CryptoEmail and operates on an ecosystem of all sorts of digital platforms, being fueled by its native ERC-20 token — cMail:

Right now, you could just go to register on the Websites they indicate — and you will receive a double monetization: cMail tokens + platform’s native tokens (for the ones who offer that).

It’s simple, easy to utilize and could be your very first step towards stopping letting yourself be exploited and begin to monetize your time and attention.

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