Facebook, after recently revealing that hackers had access to the accounts of 50 million Facebook users, now say, “We now know that fewer people were impacted than we originally thought,” as only 30 million accounts have actually been compromised, although 14 million of these accounts were breached for details of birth place, hometown, education, work, phone numbers, email addresses, places where they tagged-in and recent search history.


Facebook users can go to the Facebook help center to discover whether they were among those affected;


This follows on from the Cambridge Analytica data harvesting scandal and it seems that Facebook is a business based on data as a product and mass-surveillance.

Facebook has also been engaged in censorship of various independent voices representing views across the political spectrum, deleting their accounts and many users are troubled by the implications that only corporate, mainstream opinions are free from the threat of censure.


Twitter has also been criticized for censoring and suspending accounts this year, as western governments pressure them to ban ‘fake news’, or rather inconvenient truths and Twitter has also been the subject of attempted bans and shutdowns by some of the world’s fantastically corrupt dictators, such as Erdogan and Mubarak, before he was seen-off.

Many people are now searching for decentralized, censorship resistant social-media outlets that are free from government and corporate interference and breaches of sensitive user data. Apart from social media platforms such as Steem, Whaleshares and Trybe, what else is out there?

Memo Cash is a Twitter alternative built on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain that allows users to post texts to a maximum of 217 characters, enabling anti-establishment political views to be freely discussed, as they are immutable and cannot be arbitrarily removed by a third-party. Memo cash also gives the user the option to follow other users, post pictures, GIFs and videos and has a BCH tip-bot feature that rewards users for their content, rather than those seeking to collect user data.



Blockpress is also censorship free and a BCH based social-media outlet, that is scheduled to incorporate the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS), making content immutable. Blockpress has a far more sophisticated user interface than Memo Cash that resembles the Twitter UI, but customization features have been created to give the user experience a mixture of Facebook and Twitter. The users are again limited to 217 characters of text, pictures, videos etcetera can also be added, whilst avatars and cover photos can also be added to the user profile. All actions cost a microtransaction of BCH, at the rate of less than 1 cent. A range of communities have pitched their tents there already, discussing politics, video games and anarchism as well, if that’s your thing.

The Minds decentralized Social Network, is mobile and web based dApp the runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is a Facebook competitor, that enables blogging for content rewards and includes image and video hosting, live group conversations and encrypted P2P messaging, whilst ensuring the anonymity of the user’s identity, rather than the forced ID of Facebook. Minds is described by its creators as the perfect outlet for individual liberty, free speech and expression, free from the algorithm manipulation of centralized social media platforms.

Foresting is a decentralized, blockchain based social media network that is an alternative to Facebook and recently completed an ICO with a scheduled launch of its web platform in Q1 2019 and a mobile app to follow. Foresting aims to reward content creators, curators and user consumption “more fairly” with a distributed system of income, paid for every interaction on the site. Built on a UX/UI technology, it includes an interface to assist a content creator to produce quality content, without the problems of mark-down language.

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  1. Workin2005

    I think facebook’s days are numbered…twitter as well. They screwed up getting involved with politics, censorship, etc. This latest data breach is just one more reason to say goodbye. Thanks for the info @sandwichbill. I’m no fan of BCH, but have to admit Memo looks interesting.

  2. Yanika

    The old centralized Corporations look like from pre-historic times. Their days are numbered, and as per now using the decentralized platforms as an eye opener, I just cant stop thinking when FB is going to crumble down.
    @sandwichbill, Thanks for sharing with us this info, I have heard of minds, the rest platform are still “terra incognita” for me.

    1. sandwichbill Post author

      Thanks @yanika. It’s difficult to see FB having a business model and a place on the SP500, if they went on to a decentralized blockchain, so, I agree with you, their days are numbered, because every social media platform is going to be decentralized in a few years time.
      Minds looks good, but it’s getting a bit expensive to get a foothold on there. A user could buy 10k of Minds tokens in 2016 for $100 and do a lot with that to gain exposure, but now it would cost about $1400 for 10k of Minds tokens.

  3. Rezoanul Vibes

    It is sad when we see censorship on centralized platforms like facebook, twitter. Now there are alternative social media we can use and enjoy the freedom. By the way, I have not heard of foresting before. Is there any update news on the platform?

    Thank you @sandwichbill for sharing this. Yes, I was sure I would find something interesting in your blog. 😉

    See you on your blog again.

    1. sandwichbill Post author

      Thanks Rezoanul, foresting seem to have fallen behind with their roadmap. They were supposed to have listed the foresting coin on some exchanges by the end of Q4, 2018. I don’t know what’s going on with them.

    1. sandwichbill Post author

      Thanks @Dody I’ve tried Memo Cash and it’s a bit basic, but I’d rather that than Twitter. I been looking into Blockpress, but I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks ok. I’m going to be keeping my eye on Foresting, because that really does sound good.

    1. sandwichbill Post author

      Yes, only a matter of time before we have a Facebook and Twitter alternative on EOS. I suppose the only thing saving Facebook and Twitter is that people have built-up so many friends, shared so much of their lives and so on, to make the move to an alternate.

  4. Ilia

    Thanks @sandwichbill! I have made many discoveries for myself by reading Your article! The problem of censorship on Twitter and Facebook worries me as much as the fact that many dictatorships want to limit freedom of speech. I am very glad that there was such a project as TRYBE!