Many of us are using spare time to hunt for Airdrops and Airgrabs, while the actual amount to grab is often limited, MORE.ONE has created a platform that allows you to grab daily candy and Airdrops for new and existing EOS blockchain tokens.

Just lately MORE.ONE conducted a 10,000 Lite airdrop which was based on a timer system. There was some confusion as the timer ran down just to start a new timer. The team is really fast and fixed a bug that occurred with the timers as well as the actual grab,

The principle of MORE.ONE is to grab tokens every day based on the running promotions. Great for the projects, they are actually not charged for the conducted candy airdrops.

With all the free Airdrops you may think that there is a catch, I have to say yes. To be able to withdraw any of the nice tokens, you need to hold at least on MORE token within the APP. It is not possible to send any MORE to the APP though.

Catch number one: As of today the only way to earn MORE tokens is by referring other users to the APP.  You will need at least one referral to be able to withdraw from the APP.

Catch number two: During registration, you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number. This is obviously to assure that users are not creating multiple accounts, we can just hope, that these numbers are kept secret. 

Catch number three: You will need a MEET.ONE account to transfer tokens to.

A further difficulty is the lack of a fully translated APP. Right now many of the interfaces and promotions are Chinese only. Discussing with the team, they revealed though that a full English version is being worked on. This might be there soon.

If you would love to start now, here are two options:

Referral link to download the app: (Thank you for your support)

None Referral link to their website:

The installation procedure is self-explanatory so I will not cover it here.

How to claim your tokens?

Once you claimed your tokens, you will want to transfer them to your EOS account eventually. Once more, please remember that you require at least one referral to do so as of today.

Open the MORE.ONE APP and go to “discover” you will find a banner named “Withdrawal Channel”, a click will get you to the Chinese page.

Be sure that you have at least one “MORE” in your account. Click on the yellow Button now, this will direct you to a MEET.ONE login screen.

Enter your account name (it should basically appear if you have MEET.ONE installed, too) and enter your MEET.ONE password, then click “Submit”.

Click on the MEET.ONE button again, now you can select the highlighted tokens and transfer them to your account.

DONE! You should now be some tokens richer!

Halloween Promotion

There are various promotions within the MEET.ONE APP, these usually result in a larger amount of tokens to be distributed. Right now it is Halloween time.

You will be able to claim a pumpkin for any 2 referrals you achieve within the APP. I have no clue how much is inside each pumpkin, but I assume though, it might be…. ADE-TOKENS!

Happy Halloween! And happy candy collecting!

Referral link to download the app (Thank you for your support) – None Referral link to their website.

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