EOS is in the proving grounds phase as certain developers, mainly gaming developers take notice of the potential for what EOS has. EOS is proving to the blockchain community it can deliver superiority against any other blockchain. Recent events have seen companies such as Mythical Games take to EOS as it’s gaming foundation. The 0xGAMES company has embarked onto to EOS recently. EOS is now host to a Multi- Blockchain game for everyone to enjoy.

0xGAMES is a group of international game developers who have decades of experience between them. They initially formed in November 2017 when they brought to life the colourful spectacle space-strategy game, 0xUniverse. 0xGAMES primarily creates blockchain based games on Ethereum and now more recently, the EOS blockchain.

Warriors,.. come out & play

The first game release from 0xGAMES on EOS is 0xWarriors, which is a multi-blockchain competitive battler. Multi-blockchain enables players to use multiple cryptocurrencies to effectively participate in 0xWarriors. Currently EOS is the first blockchain for the games release, however plans are in place to release it on Ethereum along with other blockchains over time. What makes 0xWarriors extra special is the users from different ecosystems will be able to hold items on different blockchains. For example, one 0xWarrior can be equipped with a EOS Axe and still be equipped with a suit of Ethereum Armour. The items are users’ assets and securely stored as NFT’s aka Non-Fungible Tokens.

An unlimited supply of heroes can be collected and trained up for battle, as customization will allow users to style and equip their Warriors with unique items, bringing that personal touch to the battlefront. Users start off with a wooden set of weapons & armour, that opens to thousands of unique items as players progress through battles. There is a 4-tier system starting from Common, Rare, Epic & Legendary for items. Additionally, there is 8 different types of weapons and armour along with distinct items such as two-handed weapons, bows, wands & more. Battles will be inclusive of tactical gameplay and the use of battle formations will be key to victory.

Chests are for sale and can land the buyer with some great items. At the time of writing there is a 50% off sale which last for 6 days & counting down.

As stated by the founder of 0xGAMES, “We are launching the game on EOS first. Our team believes the technology has great advantages and is very flexible. Also, we are planning to connect Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in the coming months”. The company’s objective is to bring ecosystems together through a Dapp that’s fun, entertaining & rewarding for players.

0xWarriors is currently is in its presale campaign which started on November 6th. The release date for the game is around the end of 2018. A detailed & updated roadmap will be available after the presale closes.

0xGAMES has created several other games, you can find them Here.

Where to go

0xWarriors is not officially in BETA yet, but we can still give a head start in where to access the game. Currently there is a light version that allows users to purchase in game chests on web browsers and with mobile support from MEET.ONE or TokenPocket.

Scatter will need to be installed, if you don’t have Scatter Desktop it’s highly suggested to download it. Scatter Chrome Extension is no longer supported.

Go to 0xWARRIORS to be able to click on the game client. You will be shown this page.

Click on 0xWARRIORS game client in the top right. Once clicked there will be a short loading screen which will then present you with this Sign Up screen.

Click Sign Up and you will be presented with the Scatter Login screen.

Click Log in and select your preferred EOS account. Ensure your using your Active account as suggested by Scatter and the EOS community. Once logged in you will see this main screen.

The Menu is currently limited to several accessible options. More functionality will be progressed before the year is out.

If you haven’t already, check out the video HERE

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