Kcash is a mobile multi-currency crypto-wallet originally from China. The service supports both well-known assets included in the TOP 10 and tokens created according to the standard ERC-20, Achain and EOS

The key features of the platform are:

support for top cryptocurrency assets (bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum classic and many other currencies), as well as digital assets created according to the standards of ERC-20, Achain, EOS

a unique Kcash Card, which has a cashback option, thanks to which 10% of the amount of each financial transaction is returned to the user’s account;

the platform accepts Fiat funds, and the account can be replenished both in dollars and euros, as well as in yuan;

a lot of technological solutions and additional options make the wallet even more attractive in the eyes of users.

the user base of the wallet is constantly growing (in 2018, a record number of users using the client was recorded – 700 thousand people).

The wallet was created in 2017 by specialists from the Chinese company Goopal Austausch. In addition to the universal method of storing cryptocurrency assets, it offers users a number of other services, including a seamless connection between virtual cryptographic assets, as well as a Bank card, a risk-free exchange of the crypt within the service (NO-LOCALCOIN), and a VPN, which makes possible transactions with credit cards in real time. Kcash wallet realizes the secure storage of digital currency, transfer, red packet, assets accretion and other digital currency management functions and finance functions with ease by decentralized wallet (on-chain) and escrow account (off-chain). The wallet supports iOS and Android operating systems.

Let’s talk about the most important positive aspects of the project:

supports multiple languages including English, Chinese, Japanese and also Korean;

it has an excellent security system (six-digit password, two-level verification, multi-signature, SEED-phrase consisting of twelve words);

there are a number of additional innovative options;

the user can store both centralized and decentralized cryptocurrencies in the wallet;

supports Fiat media;

support team responds quickly and without delay;

purse has its own cryptocurrency (KCASH);

it is possible to replenish the account with a Visa credit card.

Of the features that may be interesting note the ability to create an EOS account. Payment create an account, you can pay BTC or ETH. This is done through Escrow Account.

The wallet has a built-in ability to receive nice bonuses from partners. Regular Airdrop for those who have funds in Escrow Account (amounts from 0.1 BTC or 0.5 ETH). An interesting feature is that if you create an EOS account through the application, you can not transfer coins to the Escrow Account, but Airdrop will be credited to you. I quite accidentally discovered this feature and share with you my discovery.

Recently, users of the wallet received Airdrop from the AMeiToken project. That’s interesting… my previous article was about OneChain… AMeiToken announces strategic collaboration with ONE Chain _ Boots Blockchain + Game Development. And in the chat OneChain was also Airdrop with distribution through red packets!

One of the last Airdrop that took place for wallet users from the Cryptonity project continues through Telegram BOT http://bit.ly/2IOzTbm can be obtain 50 XNY (~29$)

Also, the project has its own currency Kcash https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/kcash/#charts According to the Coinmarketcap total number of coins in circulation 1,000,000,000 price at the time of publication $0,016442 USD (+0,49%)

Kcash wallet is a good place to store various cryptocurrency assets. It is perfectly protected from hacking, simple, and its interface is intuitive. Well, the introduction of additional features, such as quick exchange within the platform, seamless connection and so on, allows us to talk about this product as a really high-quality wallet, where you can store solid funds.

I hope that the information will be useful to you. Comments and criticism are welcome. Criticize me and I’ll be better!

Download Website of Kcash wallet: https://www.kcash.com/download-en.html

 Official website: https://www.kcash.com

White paper: https://www.kcash.com/doc/KcashWhitePaperEn.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KcashOfficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kcashofficial

Telegram: https://t.me/KcashOfficial_EN

I wish you all good luck, love and patience!

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    1. Ilia Post author

      That’s exactly right. I’ve found and am currently testing over a dozen different apps that are flagships for mass adoption by the community. What is surprising, but rather natural, most of these projects come from China. And it’s not just wallets. There are hybrid products that combine a huge number of functions. I will definitely tell you about it in the near future. And thanks for the comment @Sandwichbill !

    1. Ilia Post author

      Hello @Cryptoslice! When you install the app you will be asked to confirm your phone number. The drop-down list contains a huge list of countries in the world. See if there is a suitable option for you. Thank you for your comment.