Since the EOS mainnet launched, I have opened up multiple other wallet for different purposes. Currently, I have 4 EOS wallets which I have to update individually when I wanted to vote for new BPs. I ended up just voting for with the Investing With a Difference Proxy on 3/4 wallets to make it easier on myself as I trusted Ram with the minority of my votes, whilst I updated and actively chose my preferred BPs from my largest staked wallet.

But then I got the idea to just set up my own Proxy!

This way I could allocate the 3/4 wallets to the Proxy while only having to update 1 wallet’s BP preferences!

It also gave my friends and family that joined EOS a Proxy they could vote with while they learnt about the ecosystem and the BPs that produce it.

Using Greymass Wallet I was able to set up a Proxy very quickly and also registered the Proxy so that is visible on EOS Aloha’s Proxy research tool. Here is how I did it:

Using Greymass Wallet, first choose the wallet you want to be your ‘Master Voting Wallet’ and unlock it. Your other wallets will set this ‘Master Voting Wallet’ as their Proxy choice later.

  1.  Under ‘Tools’ Header, 2. Navigate to ‘Register Voting Proxy’ Utilities, 3. Click ‘Register as Proxy Voter’ button, 4. Confirm Registration.

Now, you can simply stop here and then just set all your other wallet’s Proxy votes to this EOS wallet by simply entering the account name in Greymass here:

This will mean that you only need to refresh the Proxy (each week to reduce vote decay) and have ALL your staked EOS in multiple wallets votes for your preferred BPs using your ‘Master Voting Wallet’. Too Easy! 

Now if you want to take it a step further you can become a ‘Visible Proxy’, but is does cost roughly 1kb of RAM.

Using Greymass Wallet: (Tools -> Smart Contracts, then enter “regproxyinfo” and select “set”) (credit: EOS Aloha Github)

The set action inserts or updates information about your account. The parameters are:

  • proxy (required): Your EOS account name.
  • name (required, 64 char max): The full name of your proxy.
  • slogan (optional, 64 char max): A short description of your proxy intended to be shown in listings.
  • philosophy (optional, 1024 char max): Description of proxy’s voting philosophy.
  • background (optional, 1024 char max): Background information / who is the proxy?
  • website (optional, 256 char max): An http or https URL to a website, Reddit post, etc. with more information about your proxy.
  • logo_256 (optional, 256 char max): An http or https URL to an image with the size of 256 x 256 px.
  • telegram (optional, 64 char max): Telegram account name.
  • steemit (optional, 64 char max): Steemit account name.
  • twitter (optional, 64 char max): Twitter account name.
  • wechat (optional, 64 char max): WeChat account name.

Note: This action will consume a little bit of your RAM for the storage. How much depends on the length of your data, but probably around 1kb.

Greymass Wallet Screenshot:

Then click ‘Create Transaction’ and Voila!

Your Proxy will be viewable via most Block Explorers and on EOS Aloha’s Proxy research portal!


I hope this article helped save you time and motivates you to reduce your voter decay and choose the BPs you love!

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  1. Zeus69

    Thanks for the great article Dexter, although I think generally people are becoming overwhelmed with all the wallets available, apps that need to be installed, I just wish there was great standard that combines it all, I know sounds impossible but shew this scares a lot of crypto adoption away. Just IMO.
    Thank you, very valuable article.
    Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Dexter Post author

      This article was not to highlight the Greymass Wallet, but more to highlight the idea of becoming your own proxy if you have multiple EOS accounts. The idea can be ported and used on any wallet with the same features as Greymass Wallet 🙂
      Thanks for the comment!