The long history of the achievements achieved by women in different sectors of political, scientific, cultural and social life has seen some absolute protagonists who, with commitment and determination, have reached goals and tasks that, for a woman, seemed impossible to achieve.

In the field of finance, I like to remember, for this my first post on Trybu, the figure of Muriel Siebert, considered the first woman who played an important role in the world of Wall Street where she reached positions previously considered unthinkable for a woman.

Here is his famous phrase “There were no female role models, I just blazed my own path ” Which tells a lot about his way of seeing the world.

Muriel was a pioneer who struggled with constancy and determination to have her space in a field that, until then, had never granted anything to the other half of the sky.

His own story

Muriel was born in Cleveland in 1928 and attended Western Reserve University without being able to conclude her studies in order to assist her sick father.

In 1954 he moved to New York and began his career in financial intermediation in the investment company Bache & Company. Muriel soon began his battle for gender equality in his field and immediately denounced the fact that his male colleagues, while doing the same job, earned more.

His career continued on Wall Street where in 1967, he bought a desk at the New York Stock Exchange and led an investment company, Muriel Siebert & Company.

It must not have been simple for Muriel Siebert to have been the only woman to work on Wall Street among so many men. This is another reason why his commitment to social matters is precisely in supporting other women who start working in finance.

Always attentive in denouncing sexist attitudes in her working world, it is said that she threatened to install a portable female toilet at the New York Stock Exchange headquarters if there were no provision for baths for women. It was 1987, we are not talking about long ago times … yet, the discriminatory policies in the financial workplace have been hard to eradicate.

His career was however always full of excellent results and recognition. Consider that Muriel Siebert has received seventeen honorary degrees.

Muriel Siebert dies on August 26, 2013 at age 84 at N.Y. and, this beautiful lady with an open smile was rightly called a pioneer of American finance.

Sources (photo /text)

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