Murmur Is a new Dapp on EOS that’s EOS’s version of Twitter. They’re having an airdrop although i cant find any info on it, all i can find are the tokens you get for signing up (100) and referring friends (40 each up to 3 max). Why they put a cap on referrals i dont know but it seems kind of stupid and they also dont give you much in the first place.

What is it?

Twitter clone for EOS. I dont actually use Twitter myself to me it just seems like Facebook wall why would i need both? so ill let you guys tell me if its a straight up clone.

Why use it?

Why use this over Twitter you ask? well if your like me you just like to try out new dapps on EOS 🙂 but other then that they offer control of your own data, unlike the current social media platform Murmur isn’t stealing your info and posts and selling it to advertisers and companies to profit off you. You will get to choose what happens with your data.

Because all the posts are processed on the block chain people will be able to verify who is posting legitimate or fake news by the accounts of the posters. I feel like Trump will like this.

Monetize your own content now everyone can profit not just the big companies. Also if you fill out your details in your account in the future you will be able to get paid for viewing ads

How it works

I think they explain it just fine.


They have a total supply of 1 billion, 5 million for air drop , 500 million for the team this seem pretty high but if they use it to advertise it can work out well and 495 million tokens for fundraising/user incentives. You will earn tokens from receiving likes and comments.

Road Map



Cryptographic encryption of private data and Murmur will support APIs and SDKs which enables ad networks to pay you and the ability to sign into third-party apps using Murmur.


Looks pretty good to me and i will be checking it out. It’s out now on Google play and will be out on Apple in about 3 weeks time. It looks interesting and i think Trump should check it out as he hates fake news so much :p. Update. I have just started using it and its pretty slow and very basic also i seem to only got 1 MUR token instead of 100, as its just come out ill give it time before i make my opinion.

Check the website out :

Cryptoslice Facebook HERE

Cryptoslice Steemit HERE


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  1. James Diegel

    Thanks for the post Cryptoslice… I actually came across this before but unfortunately it seems like its only available on Google play which doesn’t support IOS very well. Maybe someone on here has a work around I have yet to think about…