The music expresses what cannot be said and what it is impossible to remain silent about.

Victor Hugo

This was one of my first quotes ever in my life, which accompanied me for a long time. In my youth where everything was stupid and nobody understood me, I tried to express myself with lyrics of my idols. In the few years from 10 to 18 I had some musical tastes, which I can’t quite understand anymore at the age of 25. From normal pop songs to my short but very clear german rap phase to 2Pac, I was a little rebel and tried to show everyone how hard I am. Suddenly a change of heart and it went over to rock and a short metal phase. I stayed for a very long time. Later it all weakened again and I ended up with a musical taste that you can’t define. I hear everything! I noticed that I choose the music according to my feelings. How I feel or how I want someone to clearly feel how I feel at that moment without having to tell them.

Only quite late I noticed that the music has a really so big influence on us humans, mostly also unconsciously. In movies the background music, for example in horror movies, these are much easier for me to watch when I turn the sound of the exciting scenes off or turn them down. With sad scenes in love films I don’t necessarily cry because it’s so sad, but because the music draws me into a spell full of emotions and feelings. It is curse and blessing at the same time, I connect certain songs with memories of previous parties with friends or it moves me to think of people who no longer live. Music is so diverse, there is a melody for all kinds of situations. It accompanies us through our lives. From the first birthday to the funeral.

Music makes me feel different, I don’t just hear it with my ears but it goes through my whole body to my soul and then I get goose bumps. Yes… Music does not only go into the ear but under the skin!

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