Crytpo met tunes and became CHOON! This new streaming music service is hoping to provide a solution to the current problem that plagues many musicians online today; getting paid! Choon is in beta, so this is merely the beginning…

It is very simple for musicians to upload their music to the web, but it becomes redundant when these same artists cannot be compensated for doing so. Soundcloud and similar streaming services do not allow artists to earn for their work. Why not? That’s a great question! These services earn for providing this outlet, but the artist is not seeing those earnings for their hard work. Music requires talent, skill, equipment, and time. So, why is it that artists are expected to create music for the world to enjoy at their own expense? Doesn’t seem right, does it?

If you currently have tracks on Spotify, Soundcloud, Bootcamp, or other streaming sites – consider migrating to! You can join the waiting list here:

Not a musician? Not a problem!

If you host a podcast then you can also begin streaming your podcast on! That’s right, you can stream your podcast right onto Choon, even if you are not a musician. You can find a whole Podcast genre in a curated list here:

Oh yeah, you don’t have to be a podcaster or musician to earn either!

Curators earn too! Make collections and playlists of your favorite Choon content and you can earn rewards as well. 





Depending upon how the artist has set their Playlist Split, curators have the ability to earn for sharing music and podcasts. As a creator on, I have set my split to 50% or 50/50. Anyone who adds my music to their playlist will earn half of the rewards, so you can see that by sharing music others listen to – you can earn without even owning an instrument or microphone.


Sign up on their homepage or you can sign up using my link below: • Why use my link? I receive 10 notes for your sign-up and 90 more if you upload tracks. There is a tipping service that users can offer tips to artists and the notes that I collect are used to tip great artists for their contributions to the platform. If you are a musician or podcaster, let’s support each other! I value music creators highly, as music is a massive element of my life and a crucial component to my personal happiness. Please do not feel obligated to use my link, but rest assured it goes to good use!

Check out my latest album track: 



DADDY DAYCARE 2.0 is my music alias. You can read more about my music history and reasoning for creating these tracks in a recent Steemit post of mine: Free Music for Content Creators – Donating Two Tunes to the World. My children and I love to create music together and it is certainly a family endeavor in our house! If you’d like to hear more tunes, stay CHOONed – WHEN EARTH? album coming soon!

If you need assistance setting up your, please feel free to ask below in the comments! I will gladly assist, so don’t hesitate to ask. If you have found this article informative – please rate it below! If you like my tunes – feel free to share with friends! Thank You!

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