My beautiful child, 

Loved you before you even smiled,
so very young and intelligent,
yet so easily influenced and innocent,
you growing up now, so fast,
our relationship will forever last.

Your early sense of entertainment,
incredible release of your containment,
no sleeping tonight you say,
I question why this you relay,
straight answer without delay,
no school tomorrow if no end today.

Your display of unconditional affection,
Your joy when I return in anticipation,
You say, I’m going to marry you rather,
quite an achievement as a Father,
moments when you hug and kiss me,
I shed a happy tear, not for you to see.

You have plenty of fun, run and play,
continues sometimes tiring and all day,
hide and go seek, or throwing a ball,
enjoyment, excitement, playing is your all,
your secret tree-house for you I built,
high above the ground, like a stilt.

Made up jokes and riddles you tell,
no content but creative to me this sell,
our laughter, for lack of a punchline,
your innocent face with a smile shine.

The fantasy stories you tell with belief,
castles in the sky, doggies you have, never brief,
the books, magazines, lovingly read to me,
brushing over text, pointing out pictures you see,
sometimes to the dogs you even read,
you also lovingly give them feed.

Your misheard words you repeat,
makes my heart laugh what a treat,
your food demands and amount you eat,
into that little body you complete.

Toilet habits, sometimes you leave a stripe,
bending over saying Daddy please wipe,
while busy, you undo my shoelace,
for no reason but a smiling face,
these moments fill my heart with grace.

Your bath time is not without a snigger,
duck, facecloth, bubbles, lots of water, go figure,
your dancing and prancing while drying,
pyjama time sometimes trying,
sometimes a little bit of  crying.

In the bed and story time you resist,
no, a puppet show first you insist,
your little prayers, to thank for all,
endless content, for bed time to stall,
we kiss, hug and say good night,
about to retire, your last plight.

Daddy, yes Angel, I say,
thank you for a beautiful day,
I love you so much I repeat,
Love you too, from beneath the sheet.

Love you Mikayla,
Your Daddy


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    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Thank you Miguel, I really appreciate your comment and yes my Love is extremely great for my daughter, one opportunity in life to be a loving father I believe.
      Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Hey Tony, thanks for dropping by, nice to hear from you again, been quiet, If you like the deep and dark poetry theres some in my blog. Some boring some interesting i think.
      Mark (Zeus69)