I am going to take a quick look at a few of my favorite Crypto Assets. These will include BTC, STEEM, EOS, and BAT. I believe that all of these have significant potential and have been built by these who have proven themselves before. Let’s dive in and say why these are the ones I would be accumulating or participating in for the next run!

Bitcoin was the original, “the OG shall we say”, of crypto and has and likely will be THE leader for some time. Looking at the bitcoin chart below it is very easy and simple. Right now we are working off the big move that was made and shaking out many that were long above 12k I am looking for the break above 7000 to confirm and intermediate long here, HOWEVER I would love to see once last puke down to 5400 and test the 100 MA on a weekly basis to confirm a longterm bottom and continue the secular bull trend.

STEEM was built as a standalone blockchain and I believe they have the potential to combine many of the current social medias in this day ALL IN ONE and monetize it including facebook, instagram, twitter, medium, youtube, periscope, news, sports etc. This platform has so much potential that it truly kills me the LACK of INITIATIVE from the owner. Combining the aforementioned platforms into steem is handed to you on a silver platter here and STEEM is royally dropping the ball. There is too much upside for this platform if it straightens its’ act out. I am looking for at least a move back to the moving averages here.

EOS was built by the man who built STEEM. It has been termed the “Ethereum killer” and alot is needed to be proven. Alot of money has been put into this project and I am really just betting on the man here, Dan Larimer. I believe in the man that is the point. Money followed the man and THIS is the platform that he always wante to build. I am looking for a move abck into the $10 range and want it to hold there.

BAT is the “Basic Attention Token” that was created by Brendan Eich who was the cofounder of Mozilla and firefox. This guy is a proven success and I believe that you can piggy back on his idea and will likely steal a lot of market share from youtube. This is the cheapest coin on this list and I believe they have a headstart on bringing the youtubers to crypto. It has held 0.17 and I am looking for it to take back 0.30 for good at some point and take off.

Accumulate these…the time is coming. The dollar will be gone in under a decade….the time is now.

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