With 2018 behind us (thank god its over) and the bears in full control the entire year we now have entered 2019 with a somewhat positive market.


These are security backed tokens, unlike ICO’s which 99 percent of the time raise money by selling a useless token STO’s will be backed by an underlying asset AKA you own a portion of the business. Dice token is sorta like and STO as they pay you dividends of the companies profits but you dont actually own any of the business.

STO’s scamming

With the wave of STO’s to come i think it will be exactly like the ICO boom, scammers will be selling a portion of a business that is just a promise and probably will just run any with your money. Then there will be the legit STO’s but these will be made up of developers that are flogging off unsold apartments for way more then they are worth and also businesses that are terrible doing the same thing. 2020 i think they will to settle down and good businesses will start using them.

EOS 1 million active uses

I think EOS will have over 1 million active uses, 2018 was the start of EOS and most developers haven’t had time to build out quality dapps, these will start flooding in in mid to late 2019, plus the integration of community wallets so people who dont care about blockchain will be using EOS without knowing they are. EOS will be 2 or 3 on marketcap 🙂


Think it will be pretty volatile and it will only have any large gains if an ETF is approved which i dont think will happen in 2019. Lightening network starts getting adopted. Bitcoin to remain king.


Will get a good run for its money this year from the likes of EOS and Tron, if it can scale that will be very interesting but i dont think it will in 2019.


Interesting year ahead. The ever looming Steemit 2.0 on the horizon, it will be interesting to see if Trybe can find its own niche. I think once Trybe has its mobile app and maybe some more user cases for the token it will see some good growth.

My Crypto plans

hodl hodl hodl im in for the long term. Keep active in the EOS community and play alot of EOS based games.


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Image source  https://www.feismaitiu.ie/2019-feis-syllabus-and-calendar/

This is not professional financial advice please do your own research before making any investments.

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  1. AD

    Interesting prediction. I’ll be very careful with the STOs.
    I did 3 ICOs and 2 of them went nowhere. The third one turned 2000 to 40.000$, so that made up for all the losses. Mind you, I refused to sell since I believe in the project, so after the pump came a big dump:)

  2. James Diegel

    Nice thoughts cryptoslice. Personally I’m a little excited to see how the next year will pan out in terms of STO’s and ETF’s. I was never much of a fan of ICO’s as in many cases it seemed apparent that most of them dumped quite quickly after entering the market. I agree, there will be some STO scams, but considering there is more semblance of real backing, there should be some hidden gems in there as well. In addition, the fact that the securities aspect is built right into the concept of the offering, I’m hopeful that buyers will be more demanding and cautious than they were in the ICO era. As for your other predictions, they seem logical enough – but then again – this thing we call crypto has the tendency to follow or defy logic at its own will 🙂

  3. peter S

    I still think there are a fair number of ICO’s that require time to develop and we will see them re-appear in 2019-2020 (as long as they changed at least part into fiat before the winter did set in)

    1. Cryptoslice Post author

      i dont follow them much but from what i have heard they are pretty solid. i think ripple have a great team that are focused on 1 goal that is fast money transfer across the world and they seem to making good ground.