Hello dear friends!

Here’s my entry for the “New Post Creation Competition”.

I decided for this painting because it’s called “Inspiration”.

It represents the moment when you get the idea and you want to put it on paper. The problem to solve is how to do it: how and with which technique? Which color and which subjects? Where to start and where will it end?

This happens to every creative person, even the one who is writing a post.

The blank sheet of paper or screen is like a huge monstrous being of whom you are almost afraid…..afraid to face it, even though you can’t wait to fill it 😀

In fact, I painted this person with a quite desperate expression: she trying to coordinate all the ideas and emotions.

The hand resting on the forehead and in the hair you can see different subjects:

Starting from the left at the top you see a leaf, which symbolizes nature,.. then the woman, which symbolizes sensuality, and the child who symbolizes the game.

Woman and child make a dynamic movement forward.

Centrally, just above the face there are two cats fighting, they represent the animal kingdom and the struggle.

On the right side instead there is the dove, bringer of peace, then there is an eye that represents spirituality, and a hand, representing the contact with the material.

This wonderful hair, full of energy goes in all directions. There is life, all the life that will end up on the sheet or the still white screen!

The technique is watercolorable pastel on paper, and the size is 90/70 cm.

Unfortunately I don’t have the original painting anymore, but at least there are the photos, and now also a good documentation :-))))

I hope you like my entry and my post, and thank you all for following me ;-))))

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  1. Infosion

    Nice drawing, also good choice for a motiv and well explained! I think what you explained to drawing is the same when sometimes starting to write an article. This face reminds me on moments like this 🙂 Well done & also grats again