Electronic music is one of my energy resources. I tended to listen more to it and while researching about some songs and re-listening to some “good old stuff” I can understand why I wrote down some time in the past on a piece of paper some very simple advice for myself – as a reminder:

If you’re not feeling good: Listen to music!

That’s true – I realized that over the time. Especially electronic music does help me relax or getting me in good mental states for example being more able to be more focused on certain things. Of course, it only helps if you like the music you’re listening to .. 😉

Here’s some of my electronic music I really love to hear and which helps me while planning, researching, programming, writing, … basically at almost everything, when I’m able to listen to it – and as I said, I think I gotta listen more often to it! I usually never regret and only feel better after it.

Also, with the latest developments happening to the EOS Music world I would really love to see some of these artists releasing their available songs on emanate! Think this can only benefit them as it would also benefit emanate to have some of more known artists supporting them by spreading the awareness. If you want to put emanate in a nutshell you can put it like it’s Spotify on the blockchain. But only with may more functionalities which are fairer considering adequate and fair payment for the artists. So it makes sense for both to use, the ones who are creating music but also the ones listening to it! If you’re one of the two get a short understanding of what Emanate is about here:

Or have a more detailed overview here:

A quote from this video which I think sums it up very nicely:

Emante is EOS for the music industry. Perhaps in a way what WORBLI is for financial services.

Now here’s some of my favorite artist when it comes to electronic drum and bass / dubstep music:


That’s one of the best live sets think he has done for me – also the most viewed from him at Youtube. Every set from him has a real unique style, I never have the feeling he repeats very much. Also, one of the most energetic vibes I have ever heard. This guy just knows which buttons to press..!

If you like that it’s also worth listening to his other sets, like for example this one:

Paul Kalkbrenner

This is also one of my favorite artists when it comes to electronic music. The following tracks and sets are only some of his best. Of course, everyone has its own taste, especially when it comes to music. But never saw someone that gives so much on the turntables! I mean literally 🙂 Just watch one of his live sets and you’ll know what I mean 😉

And I think you can feel that when listening to his stuff: He makes up his mind why everything is exactly the way it is, from the timing, different acoustic settings to optimize the output in every little detail.

Paul Kalkbrenner also has a brother who’s doing nice electronic music stuff too, here’s one of my favorites from him (Fritz Kalkbrenner):


One of the greatest “Drumm & Bass Jungle Dubstep Vibes” I ever heard. Great compilation/remix of jungle music, well done!

Eelke Kleijn


chacnes are high that you already know “Sonnentanz”. If you don’t know the song already by its name you probably heard it at least one time in some way being used in a documentary or something else on TV. Or maybe some YouTube videos… It’s a really nice song that is also – like of course most of the other stuff here – best heard with a nice sound system so that you can feel the bass!

Sonnentanz is probably by far the most recognized song from Klangkarussel. But they also released some good other tracks which are also worth listening to, like this one:

Hope I could inspire some people about the need and advantages emanate regarding the music industry! If you’re interested in further information have a look at their website here and especially the FAQ section on their website: https://emanate.live/#!/faq


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