Are you interested in following someone’s new business? Read about the successes and failures? Learning from someone’s else mistakes and follow their progress?

If you answered yes to these questions – this is the place to be! I’m currently starting my own business and I have close to zero experience with blogging. So, I thought to myself, why not try and learn to do both along the way? I was looking for a place to start publishing my stories and decided to use Trybe simply because it’s new in the space (like myself) and has a great vision.

Who is this guy?

Yeah. I’m a guy. And I think it just makes sense to write a bit about me before I start with my business blog. I want you to get to know me first. I’m in my late 20’s and finishing my master’s degree next year. Originally, from Slovakia but living in Denmark (Europe, yay!).

My master’s degree is in Innovation Management and last year I spent studying in Beijing. That was almost a surreal experience and I realized just how different people are around the world. Rest assured, I will share some of my experiences from China in my future blogs.

What business?

A couple of months ago me and my girlfriend were lucky enough to find some time to travel around Thailand. As excited as we were, we forgot to pack some things. We forgot one of the most important things – toothpaste. We went to a shop, found this fancy looking toothpaste and decided to give it a shot. The toothpaste was great – much better than what we were used to. It got us thinking. What if we put together all our savings and test our education in practice? My girlfriend is studying digital design and I have a marketing background. We thought that was a perfect combination.

I would laugh if somebody told me a year ago that I will be importing and selling toothpaste from Thailand. Now it’s a reality. Currently, I’m working on the webpage and I must tell you – it’s harder than it looks to create a webpage if you don’t have previous experience. I chose to create it on Shopify and the whole thing was a great learning experience. The site is missing some tweaks here and there but after long weeks of learning and optimizing – it’s almost ready!

I will start running the business from January as the toothpaste hasn’t arrived from Thailand yet.

Also, there is one more thing – my girlfriend kind of backed off from the project lately. She is super-busy with her university and job. That means I will have to put even more effort into it to make it work.

Bottom line

I’ll use this space to blog about my first business and anything else I find relevant. I believe it will be a great learning experience for me and the others if they decide to follow me and my story.

Let’s experiment, learn and have some fun together. Are you in?

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