Dear trybe community let me take this opportunity and introduce my self to this beautiful family, my name is Lindokuhle Myeza I’m a young entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast and cryto investor based in south africa, I have been in the blockchain since 2014, i have invested in lots of crytocurriess some of them were good investment for me and my career and some of them were crush but i do not regret my decision of investing im still holding 70% of my investment

My journey with steem and steemit

The funny part about me is that i was one of the early adopters of steem or steemit, i heard about steemit few months after it launched and i invested some fiat into steem and I’m still holding my steems in steempower, the reason im still holding steem even though we are in a strong bear market it not because i love steem, it because i believe in a social economy, i believe that one day we will have a decentralised socila media platform where users will get paid for their content

Now im on trybe

Well now i have a strong belief in trybe,i registered my account here back in september and the development i have seen in this site is amazing and it makes me believe that trybe have potential to overpower steemit and the big socail media giants like facebook, but it all has to starts here and im happy i have known this platforms at the early stages and im looking forward to the furture of trybe

What can you expect from me?

Well do not expect too much im not really a good blogger or a writer but im willing to learn the fundamental and the technical ways of blogging and hopefully trybe will help me to enhance my blogging skills and i’m committed to grow together with the trybe community , I will be posting about my life and cryto. i’m looking forward to meet each one of you here, lets make trybe the best decentralised social media platform

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