When we first met,
I knew you were wrong without bet.

With my other head I thought,
After all I’m a male, sex I did sort.

Pathetic arguments I did ignore,
As long as after I could score.

Money was no issue,
And without thought I spent for you.

Romantically on one I knelt,
On my knee, pain I wished I had already felt.

What an evening this was, no thoughts of divorce,
Dinner and hotel on me of course.

A year later we did wed,
With warnings by others had been said.

A cruise to the islands was bliss,
A honeymoon best part of this.

Downhill from there,
I continued blissfully unaware.

With a beautiful child we were blessed,
A fought to spend time with her I stressed.

Kept apart from the beginning was my pain,
Not knowing that this would continue in vain.

Reading a story or bathing was your job,
As I was told with her my time you did rob.

You were large, no fault of mine I bet,
You were like this when we met.

You had a cheek to say for me you outgrew,
I agreed from a physical perspective, also my view.

We argued a lot too,
This disturbed our daughter I knew.

A temporary separation was mentioned,
To my dismay you grabbed and from then it was lengthened.

I begged and asked and sometimes made a fuss,
For us to sit and please discuss.

You ignored and continued in your
Own new world of this you were sure.

To see my daughter was stress,
Because all you did was ignore without distress.

An order I was summoned for restraining,
A mere stumbling block was remaining.

Next a month later an order of divorce,
This was against my beliefs, on me you did force.

Many a professional was seen,
Reminding you of how ridiculous you have been.

Many a note on professionals was spent,
Some of this was even lent.

Just to see my daughter, yes our daughter,
Many a time, I was pushed, like a lamb to slaughter.

I was forced to see my daughter from behind a gate,
I never gave up on her, eventually it will be your fate.

In a corner you are now pushed,
A decision for you to make was now rushed.

In this position we are now,
For the next few years will tell when and how.

For me and my daughter no buts from you or any lip,
As we grow close again to love and rebuild our relationship.

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      1. Crypto Grandmother

        I don’t sense taking the ‘wrong path’ … I see the learning that comes out of all experiences. Yeah, for sure, human we are and I know for myself I have gone down one path, checked it out, sensed it around me, and sometimes turn around and go back only to find a new and different path waiting.

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Reality my friend, I only write about actual events in general, sometimes I do write about other issues, or try and find some humor in things. But this is my reality.
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment, much appreciate.
      Mark (Zeus69)