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Dear Trybe,

Welcome to my fifth entry in the Travel category. Today I would like to showcase some places that I photographed during my second visit to Norway in the summer of 2017.

Norway is a very scenic country and that’s why I love returning there. I am especially attracted to its deep fjords with steep cliffs, mountains,  and scenic roads with a possibility of hopping onto numerous ferries. Cities are not that interesting to me – they are ok, but the countryside is where I find most value. It is where people are the friendliest and where the real action happens in terms of my landscapes. I would like to share some of my favourite works from there with you.

Let’s start with the Hardanger Fjord area.

Hardangerfjord is an easy place for family hikes, with decent amount of nice views all around. It’s pleasant but not too exciting for me. Let’s now proceed to the Lysefjord, a fjord with a lot steeper cliffs.

Omnious clouds at Lysefjord
Kayakers near Florli
One of numerous waterfalls at Lysefjord

Then let’s have a look at what Sogn og Fjordane county has on the offer for us. It is where I took a cover shot for this post:

Eidsvatnet seen from Skjolden camping area
Extreme sunset light and relative shadows
Middle-earth-esque  view as I  started ascending the mountains surrounding Fortun

Once I left Skjolden area, I ascended to a scenic road taking me to Oppland. I was there at the sunset, which added to the splendour of the landscapes I made.

Some other interesting spots that I would like to share with you in this post include:

Lærdal tunel
Rainfall over Oslo
Stavanger  harbour
Stavanger harbour patrolled by water police
Skjolden from the heights
Luster fjord

And that will be it for now. I hope you enjoyed what I saw through my own eyes in the summer of 2017. Don’t forget to follow me for more photo stories. If you enjoyed this post then don’t forget to check my previous entries as I am sure you will find them at least as interesting as this one.

Some of the shots are available in high-res at my professional profile, if you are interested.

My gear when travelling for these landscapes? Pentax K-1, D-FA 15-30 2.8 lens, FA-43 1.9 limited lens, FA-77 1.8 limited lens, DA* 60-250 4.0, Marumi Super DHG circular polarizing filter, carbon fiber tripod. Editing: Lightroom.

Don’t forget to follow me for more photo stories.

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