A warm hello to all Trybers reading this article, this is my first article on Trybe and I’m so delighted to be a member of this great project. I am May from Kogi state Nigeria I was introduced to Trybe by a friend and I hope my time here will be wonderful.

I’m an easy going girl who love writing and also making new friends where ever I find myself i’m a crypto enthusiast and  I love helping people because I believe an injury to one is an injury to all, I don’t see the glass half-filled or half empty because either ways I believe it can be refiled. I really want to commend Trybe team for this amazing platform, signing up was hassle free and the site UI is easy to understand and navigate.


Today I will be writing an article as a tip of the ice berg of what I have to offer to trybe community, I wrote a few tips in which any man can get  any girl without saying or doing anything.


What you are about to learn has the potential of changing everything you know about girls, life and the world in general.

Attraction takes place on a subconscious level which simply mean that neither you, me or anyone else can accurately tell you what they are attracted to. Attraction is categorically just an impulse like hunger and thirst that happens involuntarily we have absolutely zero control over it. So since attraction is an impulse that we have no control over, then it is incredibly easy to trigger. One general tip everyone should know is that men are attracted to appearance while girls in most cases attracted to behavior. So in order for a guy to trigger the attraction of a lady, all he has to do is to alter he’s behavior. The most trick that will trigger the attraction of any lady is CONFIDENCE.


“Confidence is simply the ability to look certain while handling uncertain situations”. An ideal man for any lady out there is a man who has a lot of confidence. If you ever take note, in high school there are certain guys who doesn’t really have any special skill or talent but a wide variety of ladies finds such guys attractive simply because they appear to be confident. Just like playing the game of poker, you don’t know if the cards in the hands of the other player are enough to beat you but if he bluffs well enough to make you think he can beat you, then he stands a chance of actually beating you. This applies to real life scenario. To buttress this, you must appear confident in anything you do. Most importantly, you must be certain even if you are scared to the death on the inside. Ladies generally finds it unattractive when men express uncertainty about anything. This includes your body language such as facial appearance etc.



In an evolutionary point of view, guys are seen as “dominant” while ladies are seen as “submissive.” But dominance can only be determined in relation to other people. So if you want to attract ladies 100% of time, than you should be dominant 100% of time. Everything we use in our daily lives, ranging from clothing, mobile phones, cars , jewelries etc are either masculine or feminine. Male kits are always dominant and larger in size while female kits are always submissive and smaller in size. A great example is the body spray, male perfumes always has dominant fragrance while that of the females is exact opposite. Another explicit example; why do you think ladies takes selfies while holding their camera up and above them? This is because it makes them look small and submissive in the picture and as a result it pushes that evolutionary attraction in men.

Men are often attracted to girls who appears to be weak and submissive. Girls doesn’t do this things subconscious, they simply do it because it feels right. The same way guys takes 5 pictures and choose the ones they appears to be more masculine .

Every man from birth is programmed to be CONFIDENT, CURIOUS AND DOMINANT. So if you want to get any girl of your choice, then go ahead and possess these attribute!

I hope you find my first article on trybe useful. Thank you for reading you can always check back for articles like this! So happy to be a part of TRYBE. “Love for all hatred for none”.

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  1. Infosion

    I have heard this phrase over and over again from really succesfull people: “Fake it until you make it” And from what you wrote it makes even more sense relating to this!
    Very nice part about the confidence and lots of other stuff. You really know a lot of useful stuff it seems 🙂
    Really thanks for sharing this, looking forward to your next article!

  2. Pan-Groot

    I don’t exactly agree to everything you’ve stated because it largely generalized every lady out there as the same. People are widely different and it would surprise you. However, confidence is a really attractive trait. Not just in Men, but in women. Some men find dominant and strong women to be very attractive. Welcome to trybe