How can I forget so soon my irreplaceable mother.

Mrs Lucy Michael Egbai “my everything ”

She is ever ready,ready to do everything humanely possible for her only son.

A woman of integrity and honour. The only one whose teachings and moral’s is unique.

She listen to my cry. be it by day or night,she never complained.

Her ways are different,her love for me increases every seconds.

She is the reason why am smiling now,all her investment, income,Comfort she pledged for me,I love u mother.

She never wait for my father,all she know and always say is that, I will make my son to become what I want him to be in life.

Mother I am still searching,if there will be someone like you but none, not even in the north,south,East or west.

I am so lucky to have you as  a mother,your parents are also lucky to have you as a daughter, am proud of you.

Not that she have everything, but she give me her best and her best is more than enough for me.

Through her I got hope when I almost lost it,it is difficult for one who is not your biological mother to create out time for another person child without complaining

My mother preachings always goes thus,my son  always remember were you came from, do not look for trouble so that trouble will not see you, be a good boy as you have always  be,always take God as your number one priority. Let him be first in everything you do.  

She always bless and pray for me,through her blessing, among my peers I said to be the best.

The month of December is approaching, the month of merriment, what can i buy for you, just to pay off your love and sacrifice, absolutely there is nothing in the market that  worth your doings in my life.

Just recently she tea’s me and said my some when you were still a child,young,as a little baby,most time you cry  all night, you urinate and wet you dress time without number, you were very stubborn most  time you fight your friends,but now my son has become  a grown up man,brave and good in reasoning.

To some extend indirectly she is letting me know that as I am growing younger and stronger that she is growing older,so it my own turn now to take care of her. which gladly I will. even if I take care of her,I can never repay her love and sacrifice base on she have done for me right from birth.

I has never heard nor seen  in these planet earth that each individual have two biological mother. Mother is irreplaceable, your second mother can never love,nor sacrifice for you without complaining. please if you do joke with your mother welfare, etc you never treated her good please change from that ways because here prayers alone will go long way blessing you.


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  1. Zeus69

    I appreciate your post on your Mother my friend. I think a great Father is also not simple to replace, just from my own experience and my personal opinion as a father.
    Mark (Zeus69)