Hello dear friends!

I’ m really happy that finally I started today my new marble sculpture :-))))

Marble is a material that can only be removed, so it is important that no mistakes are made.

Unlike clay, where most of the work is done without tools and only with the hands, tools are indispensable when you work with stone.

First of all, you need something to be able to put the measurements back on the marble:

Then you need a circular saw. It exist bigger or smaller.

A protection for the eyes, ears, and depending on, also a mask to not breathe dust.


Hammer and chisels.

And files of different shapes and sizes. Finally, we will also need sandpaper.

Sculpting marble is a pretty hard job, and that’s why when the work is finished the satisfaction is even bigger, but you need a lot of patience and passion 😀

I haven’t touched the marble since last year, so I really missed to sculpt.

Below you can see the development of my artwork.





The difficulty of sculpture in general, compared to painting, is that the shape must be right from any point of view. The anatomy must be even better known than in drawing.

I’d like to make even bigger stone sculptures, but then the problem becomes transportation.

Unfortunately, I have been able to work enough on it, first because it gets dark early here in Vienna, and second because tomorrow I have to leave for Switzerland.

I will probably come back here at the beginning of February to continue my sculpture.

And this is the result I want to achieve when it’s finished 😀

I hope you like my new artwork and that my information and explanations can be useful to you 😀

Thank you all for following me ;-))))

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