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As the eternal battle between good and evil has always existed, the one between consoles has always existed too. Nintendo vs Sega, PlayStation vs Xbox. The comparison is obviously a joke, at the time my parents could not afford both and I had to chose one, my choice was Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) headed by its symbol: the “Made in Italy” plumber Mario and his brother Luigi, to whom it was up to the difficult task of saving Princess Peach kidnapped by the evil Bowser, the monster with the spiked armor, all this at the expense of the blue hedgehog Sonic and its light speed committed busy to defeat Dr. Eggman. Sega will officially die in 2001 with the Dreamcast disaster.

Many years later I had to make another life choice and I chose PlayStation, which has never had a “trademark” like Mario, but it began the era of exclusive licenses on more games, console that completely revolutionized the world of video games thanks to the epic memory cards and CDs instead of cartridges, in addition to the introduction of multiple keys on the joypad.

It’s been a while that I do not play video games, the time and the passion are missing, it will also be that I’m getting “old”, the attention and reflexes are not like when I was, until the PlayStation 3 I got there, even if It will be a couple of years that I turn it on just to use it as a Blu-ray player. I have always been on Sony side, the eternal fight PlayStation vs Xbox that in my opinion the Japanese house wins, starting from how was made the joypad that I have always found far more practical. Regarding technical characteristics, I do not even try to analyze them because my experience in this area is quite low. Let’s call it an “heart” choice, even if the first love is never forgotten, Nintendo 8 bit is and will remain a must, even at that time there was a competition in place, with Sega, unlike the latter Nintendo has continued to create consoles, unfortunately going always worse over time.

How many days spent with friends, afternoons and evenings with friends on challenges with Football, NBA, Hockey, cars and any game available at the time.


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Super Mario Bros

Impossible do not start with the godfather of Nintendo home games. Supplied with the console with Duck Hunt, fun game in which you had to use the gun Zapper to shoot the ducks, assisted by a very nice dog who made fun laughing when you missed a shot. I still remember how much pressure I made to my parents together with my brother to be able to have it for Christmas, I think it was the far 1990. The Nes was from, almost, everyone considered at the time the top of the top video games console. The first version has remained in history, to see it now you could turn your nose for graphics, which over time has made giant steps, looking now videos of people who manage to finish the first Mario in 5 minutes leaves me still quite surprised, took me a lot of days to finish it! To think that as soon as they bought it I also pretended to be sick from school to spend the mornings playing with it instead of going to study, I had already almost worn it before receiving it for Christmas, I had spotted the hiding place found by my parents and luckily for me at the time they didn’t seal the boxes with a lot of plastic and tapes. I was really a little sneaky bad boy. 

The second chapter of Mario is defined by me as “the vegetables” has never excited me very much, even if compared to the first was done much better and above all you had the choice to take Luigi, Mario’s brother, who had other skills compared to the most famous plumber in the world.

Mario 3 is probably the one I liked the most, the raccoon version that flies to throw punches to the blocks in the sky to take the coins I dream it even now during my sleeping night time.

The beauty of all this was in being able to do not absolutely save, you had the difficult task of having to finish the game during the day or if you preferred you had the expensive choice, as for use of electricity, to leave the console turned on all night until next day, with the related risks such as current blackout or that your mother turns it off by mistake. It was almost impossible to make your parents understand the valid reasons that made you want to be attacking those games for many hours and even harder to make them understand how much you really care about finishing that damn game!

North & South

A strategic game of the past with bad but brilliant graphics! The eternal battle of almost every country on earth: that of the North against the South, which in my opinion could also end forever because is useless, on the other hand, anyone will always be in the North or South of someone else, but apart from this pseudo social digression, I remember very well how you should place the various types of troops, cannons, simple sodiers and those on horses, destroying bridges with cannons was the thing I preferred, a really fun part was even the train assault. Computer’s challenge was really hard. Completing the game map was not easy, the challenge against friends could instead give a lot of satisfaction. Some time ago, during a nostalgic moment I felt the need to buy it on the PlayStation store, I challenged a friend who literally slaughtered me, certainly mine wasn’t a great return on the battlefield.


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Zelda (Twilight princess)

The first editions did not inspire me much because of the graphics and the fixed screen from above, one day, however, a friend give me his Nintendo GameCube and it became my drug, together with the good elf Link going to explore the green lands of his world trying to save the princess, a huge game where you could do everything more than finishing the missions, the bow hunting was really fun, how many hours I spent to relax fishing. A very arcade game with comics graphics, at the time was really catchy and well done. I was literally in love with that game, too bad that I never managed to finish it, because you have to find the 3 crystals that I collect all but I’ve missed the last one, I spent a few days wandering in vain without success and I probably had it under my nose and I never noticed it. The ultimate fantasy game that has inspired entire generations.

World Cup

The most all the time nosense football game, to say the least fantastic! Of course, only the national football were available, as easily understandable by his name, each team had its own special shot, which is the topic of the whole game, once understood how the dynamics of the shots work, you could stay quietly just outside your penalty area trying to score in peace by crushing the right sequence of keys, which as you remember were only two, so it was really difficult to make mistakes. The bicycle kick goal for which I was going crazy was that of Russia, a ball that curled right from the feet of the player with a half moon, swelled like Chewing gum and after a few seconds flying to score like a missile. Be careful to the shot of Germany who went to Zig Zag, if you did not pull from the right distance you will miss the score but also to that of Italy, a normal straight but very powerful shot, despite this, sometimes in goalkeeper managed to save it on corner kick. A war nerves between the two challengers, each match ended up being a challenge to those who managed to hit the special shot several times. The game itself is rather boring and predictable, once memorized the right positions, scoring was assured.

Ice hockey

Last but not least: the small, medium and fat one. In western style like “the good, the bad and the ugly”. The first very fast but with a weak shot, the second the most balanced, the last slow but with a very powerful shot. Epic Zamboni smoothing the ice during the gameplay break and the players happiness after the victory that raise their arms to the sky turning in circles at the center of the field. The trick to win the games was to mix in the best way possible these types of players available to compose your team. I was playing a lot of games without breaks, the game options available was just two:

  • Playing vs computer
  •  Playing vs someone else

Just that, at the time the focus of the sports games were the games themselves, and the game levels for all the other games. Almost zero history, everything minimize, it was just the beginning of a golden era.


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    Hmm.. quite impressive about your gaming journey with many devices… I ever play more that you explain above but I am not remember about the type. Nintendo and PlayStation is both of them