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Today I want to share with you all the ways I currently use to have passive income that you can use too. If you wish you can use my referral links. If you like this article, share it with your friends and don’t forget to rate it 5 stars! 🙂


The first one are the EOS airdrop. By holding EOS token in your wallet, you will be automatically credited many of the airdrops tokens that will be generated. For others it’s necessary to register to that airdrop in order to claim the tokens. You can find web sites where airdrops are listed and one of these is https://airdropsforeos.com.

If you are an EOS owner it is advisable to use Scatter (https://get-scatter.com), which will automatically log you in to your EOS account safely into many web sites.


Please play responsible!

  • BET DICE https://betdice.one/?ref=gy3dsnjugyge You can Refer a friend and earn 10% of house edge on all their wagers! Claim your daily free roll on betdice.one. You can also stake your DICE tokens to get even more passive income. You can then eventually exchange DICE for EOS tokens.
  • EOSBET DICE https://dice.eosbet.io/?ref=gy3dsnjugyge Refer a friend and receive 0.5% of their bets. Play your free daily lucky draw.

EOS TOOLKIT https://eostoolkit.io

It’s a great tool where is possible to do many things including:

TRYBE https://trybe.one/ref/11399 

Join into Trybe community. You can earn trybe tokens to join the community, logging every day and by posting and sharing contents. I love this project!

CHINTAI https://www.chintai.io 

You can lend your EOS in Chintai platform.

STAKING EDNA https://staking.edna.life/ 

It’s another interesting project! I received Edna token by simply holding EOS. You can stake them in the official staking site.

BOID app.boid.com/u/Johnnyx81

Boid is a social super computer. Use your device to generate boid tokens.


PRESEARCH https://www.presearch.org/signup?rid=822950 

Presearch is an open, decentralized search engine that rewards community members with Presearch Tokens for their usage. In the coin market cap, at the moment it’s worth 0.6$.


Earn movecoin token when you move! If you want you can use my account number (93367) for referral program.

SWEATCOIN swcapp.uk/hi/luca756092 

Earn SweatCoin while walking.

AELF https://candybox.ai/aelf/account/register?invitationCode=0F3Yb30Ab868

IOST https://hub.iost.io/register?inviteCode=Hk4xpqthm


If you hold ONT you will receve ONG token. Binance support this. If you want to earn more you can stake ONT in OWallet. By staking, you earn rewards from:

  1. Regular ONG generation (this is the same even if you’re not staking)
  2. Fees from basic consumption of the entire chain network system (network fees, storage fees, smart contract fees, and fees from other services)
  3. And for the first 3 years, additional ONG from the Ontology Foundation Bonus.


By holding VET you’ll receve VTHO Token. Binance support this.


You can earn some FIAT money if you get one of these free credit card using a referral number. Please check the web sites to check if the promotions are still active.

  1. Yap https://na38w.app.goo.gl/DWVY
  2. N26
  3. Hype https://www.hype.it/invite/584c44316233634e6b36493d

* For a limited period only, I must warn you that you can take advantage of the Stellar airdrop by visiting https://www.blockchain.com/, create a wallet (if you don’t have it) and claim your free Stellar (around 25$) by clicking “Claim your free XLM”. Leave your email and enjoy yourself!


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  1. Phillip

    FYI, you noted grandpa coins as a way to earn free coins. Yes they are free, but they have no value either. Additionally, if you read the contract, you pay the ram fees to collect the coins and the ram “may never be recoverable.”
    So, that actually loses value of your account. I was playing the grandpacoins game and realized my ram usage was going up. Lesson learned, READ THE CONTRACT BEFORE SIGNING ANYTHING!

  2. Dukefish

    Great set of links, I too have been enjoying the fact that the EOS has this passive income mechanism, I think gambling tokens are the most lucrative but some of the other links you’ve highlighted have caught my attention! Thanks!