My stand about 50 trybe deducton

Good afternoon Trybe community. I want to take a moment to reiterate on article guidelines. No doubt articles comes in daily in waves some doesn’t  meet the requirements outlined in the big disclaimer that pops up before you begin writing and article while also some over exceed It, Remember post must be 300 words, include a featured image and be categorized properly. While some do but aren’t original content If you have any questions generally or specifically please ask the team on telegram. – Public Group

However most people feel taking 50 trybe token for a post is very expensive to me this is just a price for excellence work that you will still get more ratings back, anyways just my personal opinion

Yet someone else fee that is expensive, 0.5$ for every post… not sure if he or she will get back such rating  on her articles it just to update community… i dont know whether i can get that much or not

Finally anyone who writes a quality  piece, excellent job will recieve a lot more than 50 trybe in return and also gain more experience from the blockchain community 

I agree and we love EOS. but just to offer something to think about… how many people did sell their airdrops? Massive whales and people in general? destroying the token economy in a single day? Trybe provides a great opportunity to reward people in the eos economy who create content. People who contribute to eos journalism. We want to promote those who promote eos. We need a strong token price to do so. And it’s worked. We have a system where those who contribute to journalism in the space can be rewarded. and those who publish thoughtful and articlulate articles have been rewarded and will continue to be.

Together we will decentralized the world of blockchain technology and create space for cryptocurrence knowledge among other with 



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    1. Yanika

      after the Hardfork there are some slight changes into this direction( not so freely to post comments any 30 sec etc.), but steemit conception is different, Trybe’s one is quality content related. So the two platforms are not comparable IMO.

      1. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian

        I agree, but there are some some quality articles on Steemit that I have read. The problem is that you have to really search for it amongst the sea of crap. I love how Trybe has controlled the quality by having users pay and having the review process. One think I think they should change is that after your article gets accepted for publication that it should not cost another 50 Trybe if you want to edit a typo. I think the plan is to change this.

  1. David Cooper

    Personally I feel the system requires a slight change, namely that the 50 Trybe be put into escrow and are then either forfeited if your post does not come up to scratch or returned to the author if it passes “quality control”. This would fully comply with the rationale we are told that the 50 Trybe is a mechanism to limiting crap posts and also not penalize for posting quality. Besides, crap posts will never pass the moderators and be published, irrespective of the cost of the 50 Trybe or not for the privilege of seeing your words on screen. And I also think a second rationale is at play here, namely that the 50 Trybe is not actually a barrier to entry for posting quality but is in effect a “payment” to the mods for checking our work. This to me is a more logical argument and makes much more sense. And don’t get me wrong as I have no issue with that – we all have to eat, right? My “issue”, if there is one, is that rather than explain it for what it is not, explain it for what it is. Here endeth my 2 pennies worth on the subject.

  2. CryptosDecrypted

    Interesting article @japfi I agree with you that 50 tokens will be more than repaid if you submit a quality post. Minor, freely available updates are often of little actual value in my opinion. Without community voting enforced standards Trybe will drown in a sea of update mediocrity. Cheers.