Hey everyone i haven’t posted in awhile as i’ve been pretty busy and had a friend visiting from over seas. To be honest i haven’t seen to much to write about too, well not 300 words anyway. I have been active on all crypto based social media platform tho 🙂

My thoughts on the market

The last week has been crazy what a drop and Bcash has been destroyed, i dont follow it much does anyone know what the new coin is trading at? Sadly EOS got a good smashing too but at the end of the day its all about the dapps and usage, that will count in the long run and the price will follow in the future EOS is only getting started. I dont think this is the end of the bear market it could go for years, HODL and enjoy the new dapps coming out.


Trybe seems to be coming along nicely i have noticed a few of the dapps are starting to post on Trybe regularly and some block producers too. Good to see the EOS community supporting its own eco system. If you have missed the Email remember too link your scatter account to your Trybe account ASAP to receive your airdrops, this includes all long time members who had already put their EOS accounts in. Go to profile and at the bottom you will the scatter link. you must save it after linking.


m liking Murmur dapp its like Twitter on EOS, i like that its just so simple and easy to use on a phone so i can post my thoughts know one cares about haha ,just like Twitter i guess . Add me if you like cryptoslicex 🙂

Cpu problems

EOS CPU problems are still around, if you have an account with only a few EOS to stake then playing something like betdice or EOS Knights isnt possible. This is a huge problem sure people in the west can afford 100 dollars for some EOS to stake but poorer countries cant and if the token price goes up then even the west will struggle, Yes i know about REX but to me this just makes it even more complicated then it already is and also makes it not really free to send transactions. Remember most people dont care about the technology and dont want to learn. EOS needs to be as easy as current systems or it will fail.

Eos knights magic water

i just found out that if you go to settings and click referral bonus and put my account in we both get 1000 magic water each 🙂

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  1. Johan

    My take on the whole market issue is to just HODL and not care about price, when the price drops just buy as much as you can with spare money and continue to use dapps to help you increase your bags too XD

  2. Zeus69

    I agree with Johan, I have been hodling since 2017 September, moved a few around, and bought back some extra, and will be doing the same now, it is low and will grow, hey that rhymed LOL, must be the poet in me.
    Mark (Zeus69)

  3. Nicholas

    Hm, my scatter installer is still zipped in my computer, but as i see, i dont have much time.
    Btw i dont understand it, i have eos account, linked to my trybe profile, and i need also the scatter account to the airdrop? Its a little blurry for me.