I wrote this article a while ago, I joined this community thanks to the beautiful crypto girl, HeidiTravels, from the Crypto Tips channel on Youtube. Heidi has been a big social media star in the crypto enterprise like Steemit and in general broader broadcasting social media channels.

So I came to Trybe thanks to Heidi and what I found is a young community that I can participate from the start. One thing that I was suprised is finding a wordpress interface to build articles. Later I found that I was on the wrong editor and Trybe has a custom style editor which inherit some of the wordpress requirements like having a profile image and also some tags and inherited tags.

Looking forward to the bigger EOS community and potential I think that by association we’ll see many content producer moving their content to Trybe.

I hope that these community can avoid the centralization issues that other social networks had with the whales and the concentration of voting. Unfortunately centralization will become a common issue as the price of these tokens rise again and people start realizing they aren’t getting as much as they once did.

Better distribution models could help avoid these issues and Trybe could probably have the answer to these issues.

Other things I still wonder is if this network would be more like yours.org where the people will have to pay to get the tokens to share and will be a debit-based economy as opposed to ‘generating from activity’ like steemit. I would prefer the latter but I guess will need to wait and see. If you guys know please comment.

Finally I wonder how open will it be, Steemit for the most part has been a bit stagnant in adopting contributions from outsiders and you can see that on the way the editor is too basic and people have to resources to third party apps to get a rich editor experience.

I am glad that Trybe has a semi-enhanced editor but I still miss a lot of the features like code-highlight and other things that developer blogs use. Please let me know if there would be more openness in adopting these features.

I guess this is all about me, please let me know what you think I missed and how would you see these community get more popularity and how it can built on the weakness of other past social networks.

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