Liberia is a country that is located on the west African coast. It borders Sierra Leone to its west and Ivory Coast and Guinea to it’s east, and the Atlantic Ocean to it’s south. I went to Liberia in March of 1999 and stayed almost 3 months. I went because my father was doing a business mining venture in Liberia. I went to Liberia with one of his business partners. I was too young to work when I went to Liberia, I just went for the experience. I remember flying to New York City one of the big airports near the city, and spending most of the day there for layover. Then that evening we flew to Ghana west Africa. This was and extremely long flight going through many time zones. I believe the flight was 13 hours or more. I was only in my early twenties when I went to Africa, so I was so young. I just remember being exhausted from being on the plane for so long. I remember when I got to Monrovia the capital of Liberia it took me 3 days to get my body back to normal, from going through all the time zones. So to reiterate I started off my trip in Minneapolis-Saint Paul Internationl Airport, then went to  laguardia in New York city, then flew to and airport in Ghana west Africa, then flew too and airport near Monrovia Liberia. Alot of time zones!!!

I spent my time In Liberia between being in Monrovia and a small village near Lofa county. I was there witnessing a mining operation out in the bush. The mining operation was to mine for diamonds and gold. The operation was near and ancient dryed up river bed, and a small bending river on the property near by to use for water. My fathers group of investors and business associates had a bulldozer, excavator, sluice box, and commercial pumps. It was quite the operation. And most importantly we had alot of hired help from the villagers that lived near the mining site. I remember every day they would empty out the sluice box and the heavy gravel and diamonds would settle too the bottom, and they would put that material in a bag and we would have to process that material again to find the diamonds! And I got to witness that. It was very exciting, to watch the process.

On the weekends we would go back to Monrovia and get supplies ready for the week to take up to the bush. I also went to the beach on the weekends. I found the Liberian people to be very welcoming and hospitable people. I also meet alot of other great people from other cultures, and countries. The food was amazing. I remember eating alot of chicken and greens, cassava leaf, fufu, fish, okra, rice, palm wine and palm butter products, and beans. I see for wildlife alot of monkey’s, chimpanzee, anteater, parrots, snakes, and centipedes,

My father arrived in May and I left to go back to Minnesota with him. Liberia is a place I will never forget and the the friends I made the short time I was there.

I hope you enjoyed my article.

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