As the EOS ecosystem continue to grow rapidly, I am finding it more challenging to keep up with EOS online resources.  On that note, I have decided to put together my list of useful EOS related sites that I often visit.  My goal is to keep it updated as I find new ones, feel free to make suggestions in the comment section.

EOS System Tools:

EOS Toolkit
– for managing EOS coins to vote for block producers, stake, unstake, etc.
– claim airgrab tokens, stake and unstake EOS tokens such as Karma and Horus

EOS Authority
– setup EOS account alerts using telegram notification. You can get notified for EOS token inbound and outbound transactions and more importantly it can alert if EOS coins in your account has been staked and unstaked.  Desktop and Android version available.

EOS 911
– a trusted group to report issues with EOS account due to scam, hacks, etc.

– for linking EOS account to sites without exposing private key ( use desktop version )

EOS Wallets ( allows to create free EOS account )

EOS Block Explorers

Voting For Block Producers

CPU Emergency
– helpful for providing CPU boosts when your EOS CPU resource is running low

– provides glossary index of EOS related terms

EOS Job Postings
– job postings by DAPP projects and Block Producers

EOS Tokens Related Links:

EOS Token Exchanges ( I used this DEX the most )

– for staking, unstaking, and claiming EDNA tokens

DAPP Radar
– keeps track of EOS DAPPs ( site has been slow to add new ones lately )

EOS Community, Social, and Forums

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