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I was taking a walk with a friend of mine through the small town of Hisaronu which is in the Fethiye district of Muğla, Turkey last June, only to find some interesting shops there that were selling various copies of major brand goods such as Rolex watches, Bose Bluetooth speakers, Beats headphones, designer clothes and what ever else you could think of.

Along with the ‘Genuine Fake’ products that could be found there, were some shops with very familiar names and logos (although most of them had very slight spelling mistakes).

We found these shops to be highly amusing and I am so glad that I had taken my camera with me at the time to capture these memorable moments.

I hope you enjoy viewing these photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them.

In these shops, you could find any ‘Genuine Fake’ watches or just about any other designer goods that you could think of at a hugely discounted price of what the real merchandise would have been.

This is one of the famous stores from the retail giants, ‘Marks and Spencer’ or should I say, not so famous, ‘Mark Spenger’. It’ll look lovely when the store front gets a face lift.

Who would have thought that you would find a ‘Next’ store in a small town like Hisaronu. Which shop do you think will be opening ‘Nexst’?

Will it be called ‘Nexsst’?

This was the most unusual ‘JD Sport’ I had been in.

It was more like an indoor market stall that stocked cheap fashion clothing and not a lot of sporty type stuff.

Ever wondered what Del and Rodney from ‘Only fools and horses’ spent their £6.2 million from that ‘Harrison’ pocket watch they sold at auction in the episode named ‘Time on our hands’?

Wonder, no more! They invested in this ‘nice little earner’.


‘Toys R Us’ haven’t completely wound up business yet, they have just changed direction.

They are in the rag trade now!

Aye Car-Rumba! Has anybody seen my car?


These photographs were taken on my Nikon D5300.
Find my first set of these photo’s in the link below:
More pictures to follow, soon!
Thank you for looking and enjoy your day.

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