Mythical Games have already made waves within the EOS Community recently as the unexpected announcement of a multi- company joint effort. Led by 6 companies to invest in blockchain gaming, this move has sparked massive interest within the Gaming & Blockchain Communities.

Mythical Games who held 2 rounds of funding have been able to secure US $16 Million dollars. The first round was held in June 4th which Mythical Games was able to gain a US$1 Million dollars via Divergence. November 15th, 2018 saw the accomplishment made between 5 additional partners.

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Mythical Games aim to deliver next generation gaming technology infusing it on the EOS Blockchain so that users can own digital assets, that have verifiable scarcity & help spawn secondary markets and economies online. This will demand attention from users, developers & content creators as the digital ownership scale increases overtime.

Mythical Games Team — The Elite Line Up

The Team at Mythical Games aren’t amateurs, they’re far from it. This solid foundation of creativity has experience stemming from the Gaming Industries Elites! These guys have developed not just games prior, but long lasting memories for gamer’s! There is hardly a person who reads this article who has not been affected by some of the team at Mythical Games.

John Linden CEO at Mythical Games, was President of Seismic Games who was acquired by Niantic Labs. Developer of Marvel Strike Force, John Linden was a Studio Head at Activision Blizzard on the Call of Duty & Skylanders franchises.

Jamie Jackson the CCO of Mythical Games. Jamie has 20 years of Gaming Industry experience. He has created & worked on some of the biggest games within the entire gaming industry. DJ Hero, Guitar Hero, Sing Party and Call of Duty Online. Jamie’s founded Slingshot Cartel LLP & FreeStyle Games which were also acquired by Activision Blizzard.

Rudy Koch is the head of blockchain at Mythical Games. He carries 10 years of experience on some of the most prolific games in the industry. 5 Call of Duty Games, 2 World of Warcraft expansions, 1 Disney MMO and a handful of number 1 games including “Best Game of 2016” awarded by apple.

Mythical Games Advisors

As you can already tell the advisory board has talent sparkling all over it. Adam Bain, the former president & COO of Twitter. Michael Cudlitz, if you don’t know his name then you’ll know his face. Michael was responsible for playing Sergeant Abraham Ford on the AMC horror series The Walking Dead. Kent Wakeford former COO of Kabam, a interactive entertainment company founded in 2006 and headquartered in Vancouver, BC. with offices in San Francisco, CA and Austin, Texas. Kabam is responsible for massive multiplayer & social games such as Marvel Contest of Champions.

With only skimming the top of this team, we see already the potential we have that will be responsible for delivering a game onto EOS next year. We have seen the monumental shift towards games on the EOS blockchain and no doubt, that Mythical Games is going to deliver something special.

If you haven’t already, check out the video below.

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