Create smart contracts easily with MyWish platform without any programming skills or knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Create your own EOS , ETH, or NEO token and learn how to transfer it. The MyWish platform already has a lot of users with many contracts already been deployed. Currently ready to use contracts on the MyWish platform are:

MyWishPlatform Website:

Crowdsale contract: The ICO contract for the development and distribution or sale of the project’s tokens. 

Token contract:   Create your own cryptocurrency for sale distribution or future crowdsale.                                                                                                            

Airdrop contract:  Distribution of tokens among hundreds or thousands of users.    

Investment Pool:  Accumulation of the funds before the investment. Invest together and get the discounts.

Wedding contract: Smart contract for spouses planning their future together.

Lost key contract: Provides crypto assets transfer in case of a private key loss.

Will contract: Transfers person’s savings to his family or friends in the event of his sudden illness or death.

Deferred payment: Set automatic funds transfer or bill payment on a specified date and amount.

Get the free airdrop for EOSISH or ETH hodlers, list of instructions below:

Snapshot date/time: 16-Oct-2018 15:00 GMT

At this time we will make image of Ethereum & EOS blockchains and fix how many WISH & EOS every account has.

Airdrop date: EOSISH distribution will be completed in 3 weeks after the snapshot date. By the 6th-Nov-2018 all tokens will be distributed (including bounty).

Instructions for WISH token holders for getting EOSISH:

1. By the snapshot date you will have Ethereum account with some WISH tokens. How to create it? If you have WISH on the exchange account you have to move WISH to your own account.

2. You will have EOS account. You can create it here. No need to change Advanced settings.

3. Connect your ETH address with EOS account here. You will have about 0.0004 ETH on the account to make the transaction.

4. After making the connection you can check that it was connected here. Wait for 10 minutes after the connection before checking.

5. Wait for the snapshot time and the distribution. You will get as many EOSISH as you have WISH at the snapshot moment.

Watch instructions:



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