Hello everyone!  Hope you are all doing well where ever you may be.

Just thought I would let you know that this just popped up on my radar.

The NEON exchange NEX has been rebranded to the NASH Exchange.

The catch-22 for this is that in order to sign up (pre register) you need to use a referral link.  So, with that in mind should you be interested check out the video and if your still interested but do not have a referral link, please feel free to use mine (https://nash.io/referrals?code=aAkCN8).

According to the website, NASH exchange is offering over thirty prizes totaling $100,000 BTC and 46,000 Nash (NEX)

1st place $35,000 BTC + 15,000 NASH (NEX)

2nd place $20,000 BTC + 10,000 NASH (NEX)

3rd place $10,000 BTC + 5,000 NASH (NEX)

4th place $5,000 BTC + 1,000 NASH (NEX)

And 30 prizes of $1,000 + 500 NASH (NEX)

The referral program giveaway ends at 18:00 UTC, 17 June 2019

So ya, anyone out there that may be interested, there you have it.  Just remember, this is not financial advice or a paid shill.  Also, please understand that I’m really ok if you don’t use my referral should you have someone else you know that can give you one.  For those of you that do decide to use it, much appreciated.  And of course, hope that you pass your own along as well 🙂

NASH (NEX) Referral QR

NASH (NEX) Referral QR Code

Until that time again then, be safe and enjoy.

Jimmy D


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    1. James Diegel Post author

      Agreed – often too many I think. This one however is a rebranding of the old NEON exchange focused mainly on NEO so I think it will be worth paying attention to. Thanks for stopping by and the comment Aighufue 🙂