I will talk about how and why a man should learn to cut his own hair!

I was not happy, I was spending way too much for barber shops plus I wasn’t even getting the result I wanted even though I always explained exactly how I want it down to the millimeters…

Soon I realized they are cutting sheep’s fur and not human hair

So I took the situation in my hands, learned on line how to cut my hair and off I was,

bought my brand new trimmer set and before I knew it was coming out very nice!

I was very pleased and excited that I actually did it! I never thought I could go that far

It has been more than an year now that I am cutting my hair and the money I spent for the trimmer are now returned and with profit too

General rule…

You shouldn’t look like you just had a haircut also it shouldn’t be perfect in fact it should have small flaws here and there so to give it a sense of dynamism and naturalness instead of the robotic razor trimmed one

Then i thought about the first man used to deal with his hair when he realized it was too big for the “house”…

Well I believe he took a chuck of it with one hand and chopped it off with the other

Which made perfect sense in my mind…

I mean our hair serves as protection from the sun, dust and most of all from other predators with sharp teeth or even other human trying to get at your neck

The hair don’t show the real size of our head and so you think you are going for the head but instead all you get is a ball of hair

Just like in the animal world, a lion has a big afro for the same reason so other predators don’t go for his neck

In many words our hair serves as protection and not a beauty tool

So by understanding the functions of our hair I realized that the closest thing to a natural hairstyle is either by leaving it to grow naturally or you trim it just to have your ears covered which in length should be around the 5 to 7 cm

Anything else other than that and you are entering the “beauty” zone which I would leave for the ladies in fact the ladies tend to leave their hair to grow and therefore they are actually more natural than men

Also cleaning ear canals with ear sticks is not natural and men tend to clean more than women since they have their ears always exposed accumulating dust and what’s not


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